10 Ways The Phantom Menace Undermined Darth Vader’s Legacy

On Star Wars, there are few villains more important than Darth Vader. His harrowing life story is the formative text of the entire saga, and beyond that, he is a pop culture icon that has rarely been equaled. The prequel trilogy told the story of Anakin Skywalker’s fall to the dark side and it definitely had its ups and downs, with one of the least loved parts of that trilogy being the first: The Phantom Menace.

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The portrayal of the young Anakin Skywalker is one of the reasons for the film’s bitter reputation. Star Wars Fans may be taciturn, but there are some definite ways in which The Phantom Menace hurt Darth Vader’s legacy.

10 That “Yippee!”

The decision to show Anakin as a child was not a bad one, but the problem lies in how normal he seemed. He was very well suited to someone who was a slave for his entire life, even allowing for the strange outburst. There were many moments that made the future Darth Vader look bad, but one of the worst was when Anakin exclaimed, “Yippee!”

Showing a little boy excited about something is fine, but that little boy will become one of the most feared beings in the galaxy. The things that made Darth Vader happy were few enough and seeing him, even a pre-Vader version of him, say, “Yippee”, was not Vader.

9 The entire Threepio Thing building

Anakin and C-3PO cut out

One of the criticisms of the Prequels is how Lucas wrapped everything in a small bow. It all felt extremely convenient and one of the worst parts was Anakin’s C-3po building. Not everything needed an origin that was related to the characters and this was one of those things. While it’s nice to showcase Anakin’s technical prowess, one of his strengths, this one was an odd one.

Why would Anakin build a protocol droid? What does this tell you about your abilities that other scenes don’t? Viewers already know that he loves his mother, so beyond that, it was a weird thing that didn’t do the character any favors.

8 Bad pickup lines with Padmé

Star Wars The Phantom Menace

George Lucas’ dialogue has always been interesting to say the least, with a famous anecdote like Harrison Ford telling him that the dialogue was easy to write but impossible to tell, and one of the worst parts is every time it involves some kind of Romantic. dialogue. A great example of this from TPM it was nine-year-old Anakin’s pickup lines with Padmé.

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Nine-year-olds can be quite embarrassing, but asking a fairly older girl if they are an angel is so bad in many ways, including the ones that make Anakin look weird from the start. It’s such a scene worthy of a moan from someone that it will make the galaxy tremble with fear.

7 He’s too well suited for someone in his circumstances

Anakin as a child

That Anakin Skywalker was born a slave is a pretty good idea, things wise, but beyond a small outburst, it seems very normal. It was a very strange choice as far as possible. Anakin apparently had a fairly normal childhood in addition to working at Watto’s store and was treated relatively well by his owner.

While it would be built later, what was shown to viewers wasn’t too bad and he handled it very well aside from an outburst. It seems like a waste of a plot point and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be built into Darth Vader’s future.

6 He seems more fortunate than skilled

While viewers are shown that Anakin is a talented mechanic and a pretty good capsule racer, a lot of success in the first movie comes from luck more than anything else. While, in this case, that luck may be seen as the will of the Force, it still doesn’t make future Vader look very formidable. More it seems that the only thing that makes him so good at something is the Force.

He wins the capsule race due to luck, destroys the Droid Control Ship due to luck, his encounter with the Jedi is due to luck. For someone who would become a great Jedi, young Anakin feels like he is more of a movie character than a real person.

5 He is a mama’s boy

shmi skywalker

Every child loves their mother and in a situation like Anakin’s, that kind of relationship would be very important to the child’s life. However, there is something about seeing the mighty Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine’s black-clad enforcer, as a mama’s boy that is quite heartbreaking to viewers.

Knowing that Darth Vader was once his mother’s sweet boy changes the context of everything about the character. Honestly, it shouldn’t; Darth Vader would have been a boy at one point and children love their mother. However, that doesn’t make it any less strange to see how much little Anakin Skywalker loves his mom.

4 He is so helpful

Again, this is something that is quite common among children, but it is still quite strange to see how useful Anakin Skywalker is. Knowing how he will become, as one of the greatest evils in the galaxy, it is strange to see this young man, who is a slave, be so useful even if he finally finds out that he is helping Jedi.

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There need not be many omens of the evil being he will become, but a little would have been good. Young Anakin’s altruism is something very strange for someone who is going to do the things that he will do.

3 When Yoda feels his fear instead of anger

The scene where the Jedi Council tests Anakin is extremely important to his overall arc. Yoda and company feel his negative emotions and give it as a reason why he is not trained, pointing out his fear more than anything else. However, a better option would have been anger, something that defines Vader in the Original Trilogy.

Again, being scared is normal for a child, but for Anakin to be so normal as a child is such a strange choice. It would be better if he was angry, something his teachers would have more trouble dealing with than fear.

two His role in the Battle of Naboo could have been better

Anakin at the Battle of Naboo

Along the TPM, viewers are told and shown how great Anakin is as a pilot, but the ending of the movie doesn’t do much to show that. The fighter he’s in throws himself and goes into battle. This could have been an opportunity to show him what a great pilot he was, instinctively using the Force to fly and fight.

Instead, Artoo does all the work until the end, when the fighter crashes into the Droid Control Ship and Anakin is lucky enough to pull the torpedo’s trigger. Would credulity extend for a young child to be effective in a massive dogfight? Sure. However, this will be Darth Vader. Viewers would have no problem with that sort of thing.

1 There is little to no edge to him

Lucas was trying to do something very specific with young Anakin: prove that even the worst beings start out relatively normal. However, he went a bit far with Anakin. Anakin is not just a normal child, he is an idealized version of a little boy, one who always helps and does the right thing. He has no advantage.

He didn’t need to be some kind of nasty kid to be mean to everyone, but a little head start, a little foreshadowing would have gone a long way in establishing his future better than the near-perfect saint of a child than the spectators. have.

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