Viewers are not happy that Andrew has left the 90-day Fiancé. They were eagerly waiting to see him confront Amira and expose himself.

Andrew Kenton stormed out of the 90 day fiancé Tell-All season 8, but fans wanted to see it showcased on national television. Many viewers commented that although they didn’t like him, they really wanted to see how he would have interacted with his ex-fiancée, Amira Lollysa. They also wanted him to stick around and let Shaun Robinson and other castmates ask questions. Tell-All Part 1 is over and viewers still don’t know what exactly went wrong between Amira and Andrew. They both tell different stories on social media.

Amira said that Andrew was pressuring her to have children soon and got into a fight with her. He had a panic attack just before boarding his flight to the United States. She took it as a sign and returned to her home country, France. By contrast, Andrew’s mother, Lori, said that their breakup was not about children. He claimed that the Franco-Egyptian beauty was demanding money from his son. Many viewers expected the drama to unfold at Tell-All, but Amira declined to see or speak to Andrew. So, she was asked to leave the set for Amira’s segment.

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But, Andrew said he came to the Tell-All just because he wanted to talk to Amira. He felt it was unfair and got up to leave the place. Even when some producers tried to talk to him about the situation, he did not consider it and continued to walk away. But many 90 day fiancé Viewers expected Andrew to have a conversation with Amira. a redditu started a thread with the title, “I’m crazy that Andrew left.“The fan said they didn’t want Andrew to do it”manipulate and ignite gas to every human being in sight.

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Still, they wanted Andrew “being exposed and backed up with undeniable evidence that made him sweat in his chair. “Another fan agreed and commented”I wanted to see him sweat in front of Shaun.“Others wanted the couple to clash because even though Andrew was a”terrible fiance, “Amira is not so”innocent and damsel in distress “ while trying to detach. Someone else also said that they wanted Amira to confront Andrew because there are rumors that she previously tried to be on another reality TV show. Love after the confinement, with her prisoner boyfriend.

But, most fans are convinced that Andrew will return. He apparently has “narcissistic behavior, “and she can’t let Amira tell her story without fighting back. One fan said:”You will want the last word. The last thing you want is to be voiceless.“Well, Andrew has already earned the title of villain for his bad behavior towards Amira. It was his last chance to set things straight. Were the producers able to convince him to join? 90 day fiancé season 8 Tell-All part 2?

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