Reality TV is not known for producing good role models. However, several members of the cast of the 90-day fiancé proved to have positive personalities.

When it comes to finding role models, many don’t turn to reality TV stars in 90 day fiancé as an example of how to live, but some cast members are more positive than others. TLC’s hit show has spawned several success stories, but the cast is most remembered for their notorious misconduct. Though audiences feed on the juicy drama, many tune in for closer, down-to-earth couples. Over the years, various singles and couples have emerged as loved by fans due to their surprisingly positive impact. The following list contains the cast members who have shown that they can be admired for various reasons.

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The 90 day fiancé The franchise may have produced a number of good role models, but it’s easy for the next few stars to be overshadowed by the franchise’s notorious personalities. Explosive tempers like Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Larissa Lima have cemented their legacies in the franchise due to their memorable bad behavior. Meanwhile, men like Colt Johnson and Big Ed Brown have continued to advance the franchise despite being considered manipulative and creepy by fans. Maybe TLC should go back to its roots and give genuine couples more screen time. Find out which cast members are well received and have done something to inspire viewers.

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Rosemarie vega

Rose Marie Vega In 90 Day Fiancé

Rosemarie Vega won the whole 90 day fiancé franchise after appearing in 90 day fiancé: before 90 days. The Filipino single mother knew her worth and refused to be subjected to the rude treatment of “Big Ed” Brown for a chance at a better life. Instead, Rose fought back and parted ways with her older American partner after he proved cruel. She then lifted herself and her family out of extreme poverty by creating a thriving career as an influencer. Rose allows her happiness and energy to shine through on her YouTube and Instagram accounts as she inspires many to know her worth and achieve their dreams.

Juliana Custodian

Juliana Custodio shared a similar but more underrated success story after appearing alongside her husband Michael Jessen on season 7 of the hit show TLC. Juliana and Michael were initially criticized for their large age difference. However, the American and Brazilian couple quickly proved to fans that they had received an unfair trial. The kind and caring Juliana proved that her love for Michael was real. She rose from a heartbreaking childhood to achieve her dreams as an international model. Meanwhile, her marriage to Michael continues to grow stronger. Like Rose, Juliana serves as an inspiration to achieve her dreams regardless of her life circumstances.

Avery mills

Avery Mills is another star of the franchise who was originally unfairly judged. The young American converted to Islam before meeting her husband Omar Albakour on a Muslim dating app. Although the 90 day fiancé: before 90 days The stars have received unfair discrimination for their religious beliefs, they have shown how faith can bring out the best in a person. Warm-hearted and caring Avery originally moved to the Middle East to be with her Syrian husband when he was unable to accompany her in the United States. She showed that love knows no distance and demonstrated her determination to support her husband. Many are inspired by the loving relationship of the couple and the ability to gracefully shake off criticism and defend one’s beliefs. The couple now happily live in the United States and share their journey on social media.

Matt Ryan and Alla Fedoruk

Matt Ryan and Alla Fedoruk were a season 4 couple that was supported by many. Although they had some issues to overcome, their story of divorced in love inspired many audiences that proving a second chance at love is very real. Matt was married three times before Alla, while the Ukrainian woman also divorced. The couple got back in touch after their divorce and fell in love with each other in a beautiful and genuine love story. Matt is now the father of Alla’s son from a previous relationship and the couple’s daughter makes them a happy family of four. Matt and Alla proved that true love prevails and happiness can be achieved after heartbreak.

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Armando Rubio

Armando Rubio and Kenneth Niedermeier inspired many by appearing as the first male same-sex couple in the franchise. The 90 day fiancé: the other way The stars are loved as fan favorites who proved that real love exists. Armando, in particular, stood out to fans for his winning attitude and heart of gold. The pair embarrassed many others, as they seemed much more genuine than many on the spinoff show. Armando proved to be a total sweetheart and fans were inspired by watching him overcome his struggles to speak to his conservative parents. The couple’s journey was overall deeply inspiring and an epic love story that fans of the franchise won’t soon forget.

Bajaree Boonma

90 day fiancé Kyle Noon

Bajaree Boonma, also known as Noon, proved that she was a wonderful partner for Kyle Huckabee. The season 3 couple have been named by many fans of the franchise as an underrated couple. Noon and Kyle proved that the right partner can really bring out the best in a person. Noon helped Kyle rekindle a relationship with his estranged mother. The duo brought out the best in each and presented related issues that presented no real red flags. Viewers immediately believed in the couple’s love story and were able to see the depth of their love and connection. They stand out as a couple that demonstrates a healthy relationship in action.

Jess Caroline

Jess Caroline-90 Day Fiancé- Happily Ever After After-90 Day Fiancé Diaries

90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Star Jess Caroline might not be everyone’s idea of ​​a role model. However, the fiery Brazilian proved to be an empowering woman. Jess found out how lewd her ex-boyfriend Colt Johnson was. Like Larissa Lima, she knew her worth and parted ways with the franchise villain. Not only did Jess go on to have a loving and successful marriage outside of the franchise, but she has also advocated for body positivity. The Brazilian wrote an eloquent statement to her Instagram followers calling for body shame after being the victim of a body scrutiny during her honeymoon in Hawaii. Jess has proven to be the right way to defend himself, and the fans are here for that.

Amy and Danny Frishmuth

Danny Frishmuth and Amy: 90 Day Fiancé

Amy and Danny Frishmuth from season 2 are a very underrated couple. The religious duo were shown overcoming issues such as racism from Danny’s family. Through their troubles, the couple remained a friendly and united front. Many were impressed by Amy’s reassuring and reassuring presence as she maintained grace through difficulties. While other couples were caught in explosive fights, Amy and Danny upheld the values ​​of love, respect and trust in their relationship. This featured a surprisingly refreshing take on the reality TV romance.

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