Age of Empires 4’s ambush mechanic could be a game changer

Age of Empires 4 introduces a number of new gameplay features, but the ambush mechanics, in particular, could really change players’ strategies.

Age of Empires 4 It’s been a long time coming, with more than 15 years between it and the last full entry in the franchise. In that time, the RTS genre has grown considerably, so Age of Empires 4 it will have to adapt to modern standards. Based on the recent Era of empires Fan Preview, it appears that developer Relic Entertainment is determined to do just that.

Age of Empires 4 It’s certainly a huge update for the series in terms of visuals and scale, but new game features are also modernizing the franchise, such as the ability to place units on walls to make sieges more dynamic. However, the most interesting new additions are the hidden units and ambushes.

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Based on images from the Era of empires Fan Preview, it appears that certain units may be hiding for cover in the woods (and will whisper their voice lines to match). These hidden units also make the exploration units more important; Previously, scouts were primarily used to clear fog of war and find relics. Scouts are now the only units that can spot enemy ambushes and hidden soldiers, so players will need to keep them constantly on the alert. Against that is the fact that hidden units can be placed all over the map to control enemy movement. Multiplayer battles on a team might even have one focus on exploring the map, while the other prepares ambushes based on that screened information.

AoE 4 ambushes bring a new dimension to battles

Age of Empires 4 Fan Preview

Fight in Era of empires It’s always been about formulating and executing different strategies, but these generally revolve around being very offensive. That still seems to be the case in Age of Empires 4But the asymmetry offered by the differences between its eight civilizations means that players will have to come up with more complex strategies. With the ability to place ambush units, players can now create strategies that focus on controlling the battlefield or establishing offensive positions. Battles can become much more dynamic, as players can create bottlenecks around battlefields, cut off an enemy’s retreat path, or establish hidden defense points around a base.

Still, it’s hard to say exactly how important ambush mechanics will be on average. Age of Empires 4 match until Relic fully details them. At the very least, they are likely to provide some new strategic options to play with. That, combined with the rest of the improvements to come, makes AdE 4 looks like a promising update on the classic RTS franchise.

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Age of Empires 4 launches on PC in 2021.

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