Arrow: 5 Characters Who Would Make The Best Boyfriends (& 5 Who Would Be The Worst)

Arrow featured a fair amount of romance during its run. However, not all male characters would make good boyfriends.

When someone thinks of Arrow and romantic relationships, generally reminiscent of Oliver Queen’s long-lasting romance with Felicity Smoak, as this replaced the iconic Green Arrow / Black Canary ship featured in the comics. However, even though Oliver had the most girlfriends on the show, he is not the only character who actively dated other people, far from it.

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In fact, most of the main male characters had at least one significant relationship, sometimes more. That includes both heroes and villains. Judging from your relationship history, it’s safe to predict what Arrow character would make a good boyfriend and not excel at romance.

10 Best: John Diggle

John Diggle, Sara Diggle and Lyla Michaels in Crisis on Infinite Earths - Part 5

The best word to describe John is loyal. John is the type of person who would go out of his way to help his friends and family. He was Oliver’s right-hand man from the beginning, but he was still able to walk away and focus on his family when he felt it was the right choice.

John and Lyla didn’t always coincide, but John was able to work to overcome their differences. All in all, he would be a kind and understanding companion who would put the welfare of his family first.

9 Worst: Quentin Lance

Quentin Lance is a fan favorite on Arrow and a loving father. But in terms of relationships, it didn’t go so well. First, his marriage to Dina fell apart. It is true that it was not his fault, but the end of his affair with Donna Smoak was caused by Quentin lied to him.

He had many inner demons, lived with alcoholism, and had many secrets, all of which could prove fatal to a romantic relationship.

8 Best: Tommy Merlyn

Tommy was far from perfect, but there’s no denying that he treated Laurel well. When he matured a bit and stopped having one night stands, he became an attentive and gentle boyfriend. He was even willing to walk away if Laurel decided she wanted to be with Oliver instead.

Tommy wanted to help Laurel in any way he could and if he put that kind of devotion into other relationships as well, his partner might have been happy with him.

7 Worst: Damien Darhk

Damien Darhk Arrow

Damien Darhk was a major villain in season four of Arrow. He was responsible for killing Laurel, but he also endangered the entire city. Instead of concentrating on protecting his family, Damien was too busy realizing his evil plan.

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As a result, his wife died. To make matters worse, Damien then allowed his only daughter to be possessed by a demon. Needless to say, it’s not exactly relationship stuff.

6 Best: Walter Steele

In the relationship between Moira and Walter, it was Moira who ruined their marriage when she kidnapped her husband and repeatedly lied to him. But Walter, even though he wasn’t on the show long, was a nice guy.

She treated others with kindness and helped Oliver financially even when he was no longer part of the family. He also became a stepfather to Thea, who desperately needed someone to be there for her. In other words, Walter was a nice guy who deserved better.

5 Worst: Malcolm Merlyn

Malcolm may have been one of the best villains on the show, but what he definitely wasn’t was good boyfriend material. After the death of his wife, Malcolm became closed, distant, and manipulative.

He was obsessed with revenge and even after he realized that Thea was his daughter and grew closer to her, he still couldn’t give up his tendency to manipulate people. Trusting him would not be an option and any healthy relationship should be based on mutual trust.

4 Best: Curtis Holt

Curtis may come off as a geek and awkward, but he’s a nice guy, a loyal friend, and a very smart person. Curtis was the one who designed the microchip to help Felicity walk again. However, her marriage to Paul fell apart when Curtis became too consumed with being a superhero.

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But unlike other heroes, Curtis learned his lesson and was able to walk away from his disguised identity to start a new life. The new Curtis would always be there for his partner and he would help them in any way he could.

3 Worst: Slade Wilson

Slade shado

Slade was once a normal boy. He had a tendency not to beat around the bush, but other than that, he was a good person. However, the Mirakuru twisted his mind and Slade went crazy. He became obsessed with Shado even though they were never together and Shado loved Oliver instead.

Slade’s thirst for revenge made him unpredictable, unstable, and dangerous, and these are character traits that no one wants in their partner.

two Best: William Clayton

Arrow Ben Lewis as adult William Clayton finding Oliver Queen's bow on Lian Yu

Considering his tumultuous childhood and adolescence, it is a small miracle that William grew up to be the type of person that he is. He is smart, inventive, balanced, kind, and loyal.

William immediately falls in love with his half-sister Mia when he first meets her. He risks his life to save his friends and is open when it comes to expressing his feelings, which makes him very different from his father.

1 Worst: Oliver Queen

This might be a moot point for many fans of the show, but Oliver Queen was a terrible boyfriend. That’s especially true in the initial few seasons of Arrow. He cheated on Laurel with his own sister. He lied to his loved ones over and over again. He dated Sara even though he still hadn’t gotten over Felicity.

And the list goes on. Oliver became a more open and honest person as time went on, but it took a while, and before that, most of his romances collapsed pretty quickly.

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