Attack On Titan: 5 Things Reiner Can Do That Bertholdt Can’t (And Vice Versa)

Reiner and Bertholdt were two of the infiltrators sent to Paradis to retrieve Eren Yeager in the Attack on Titan universe. They were also the first of the nine Titans to be introduced, specifically during the destruction of Shiganshina.

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Both fighters are unique in their looks, possessing feats and talents that their counterpart cannot match. By identifying how they differ from each other, we can better appreciate the many ways in which their powers and abilities are exceptional. Additionally, we gain a more composed understanding of why they are nearly unstoppable when working together.

10 Reiner kept the group after Marcel’s death

Attack on Titan Ymir eats Marcel

After Marcel’s death, both Annie and Bertholdt insisted on ending their mission. Clinging to the fear and danger posed by the wandering titans, only Reiner was determined to keep moving forward.

If Hoover’s cowardice were recognized, the group would have returned to Marley empty-handed shortly after the start of their mission. This would almost definitely have resulted in their executions, with their families suffering from their failure.

9 Bertholdt kept calm after the battle for Utgard

Bertholdt was shocked, because Reiner just told Eren that they are Titans.

After the battle for Utgard, Reiner was shocked to the core. The close encounter he had with a pure Titan within his walls was still etched on his psyche, forcing him to expose the identity of the remaining Warriors to the Scouts.

This forced Bertholdt into action prematurely and ensured that the Marleyan agents had no more opportune time to capitalize on their carefully laid subterfuge. If Braun had had Hoover’s calm disposition, they would have had a better chance of surreptitiously releasing Annie Leonhart from Paradis holding cells.

8 Reiner could defend others with his body

The armored titan terrorizing Shiganshina

Reiner’s body is not only useful for defending himself, but also for protecting others. During the battle for Fort Slava, the enemy armada unleashed a barrage of missiles against the Beast Titan, hoping that its heavy artillery would destroy it.

Before he could, Braun got in the way of the projectiles, resisting the damage on Zeke’s behalf. This was a feat that would be impossible for Bertholdt both because the Colossal had poor mobility and because it could not withstand battleships with similar success (as its Titan is not particularly durable despite its enormous size).

7 Bertholdt was strong enough to destroy the outer wall

The Colossal Titan was powerful enough to destroy Shiganshina’s outer wall with a single brutal kick. This was a feat that the Pure Titans were unable to accomplish for over a hundred years and it illustrated Bertholdt’s tremendous capabilities.

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While Reiner is not without his own destructive potential, the damage he caused was only a fraction of Hoover’s. It was so comparatively tiny that Eren could cover the hole he made by lifting a stone above his head and depositing it at the point of impact. In conclusion, Bertholdt was the only person strong enough to start the Warriors operation.

6 Reiner provided leadership and stability to the infiltrators

Reiner and Bertholdt

Reiner served as the unofficial leader of the trio that successfully infiltrated Paradis. He helped calm Bertholdt’s often frantic inclinations and instructed Annie to be more hospitable to the Eldians (as it would be more difficult for them to accuse a friend of treason).

As a result, the Warriors were much more composed and cohesive during their mission behind enemy lines. If not for Braun’s initiative, they would have been significantly more disorganized and therefore less effective in their plans.

5 Bertholdt was able to repel the explorers by secreting steam

Attack On Titan Anime Opening Guren No Yumiya Eren Vs Colossal Titan

Although the Colossal’s size made it inherently deadly, its primary defensive function was to secrete boiling steam from its body. This allowed Bertholdt to repel the Scouts long before they had a chance to do significant damage to him. Additionally, the explosion it creates by transforming into its giant form neutralizes most threats in a massive radius.

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Since Reiner had no such protections, he became vulnerable to thunder spears and was overwhelmed by some of the less competent warriors on Paradis. Additionally, the absence of steam made it easier to target weak spots in the Armored Titan’s body.

4 Reiner’s armor protected him from scout swords

While Reiner may not be able to defend himself with steam, his body armor provides its own unique protection. He was the only member of the Warriors (and the only Titan outside of the Warhammer) who did not need to actively harden himself to protect himself.

As Bertholdt did not possess his natural resistance, Eren managed to surprise him from behind and pierce the nape of his neck. This would almost immediately result in his death, and he was sacrificed to Armin by default.

3 Bertholdt knew how to stay anonymous

Bertholdt in the woods

Reiner and Annie’s strategies when interacting with the Scouts were flawed. Braun was too forthcoming and made a significant presence in the organization, while Leonhart’s absence was too suspicious to ignore.

Bertholdt managed to balance both approaches to become the perfect spy. While he would be close to Reiner’s center of attention, he was often silent and conscious of not making too significant an impression. This made him one of the least likely suspects of being a traitor.

two Reiner survived to inform Marley

Reiner in the final season

Reiner may have needed to be saved more than once, but he was ultimately the only warrior who not only survived the events of Paradis, but also managed to inform Marley. Considering that Zeke and Pieck didn’t actively infiltrate Eldia, their ideas weren’t as valuable as hers.

On the contrary, Bertholdt’s death provided his enemies with a powerful weapon and ensured their survival after most of the Scouts had been decimated. In this sense, Braun was ultimately much more helpful to his teachers than Hoover could claim he is.

1 Bertholdt won his titan without third party intervention

AOT Pieck, Reiner and Porco

Bertholdt was an excellent warrior candidate who quickly adapted and impressed his superiors. This led to his smooth rise as the Colossal Titan, one with little controversy or incident.

Rather, Reiner was almost bypassed to become the Armored Titan in favor of Porco Galliard. However, Marcel’s intervention eventually allowed him to claim the mantle even if he wasn’t the most qualified to do so. This defense was not in Braun’s name; rather, Marcel wanted to ensure that his brother had a long and prosperous life, thriving on his sacrifices.

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