Attack On Titan: Levi’s 5 Greatest Strengths (And His 5 Worst Weaknesses)

Captain Levi was one of the strongest characters in the Attack on Titan series and a fearless leader for Scouts. Time and time again, he has emerged victorious for Paradis, ready to accomplish his goals at all costs.

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However, he has a number of unfortunate weaknesses that imply that the captain may not be as perfect as many of his enthusiasts might believe. Contrasting his best qualities with his worst paints a better picture of how Levi is humanity’s greatest soldier and how he falls short.

10 Weakness: It has little durability.

Annie Leonhart, Attack on Titan

As agile as Levi may be, its durability is sadly unsatisfactory. This was demonstrated through Annie’s attack in the forest, where she broke her leg trying to save Mikasa from her wrath.

The Captain’s low resilience has the potential to have dire consequences. It implies that if any of the Titans manage to injure him, he will not be able to recover quickly, even if he manages to survive the battle against his towering opponents. Unfortunately, Ackermann cannot wear heavy armor as it would compromise his mobility, making him an easy mark if successfully targeted.

9 Strength: no one can match your skill

Levi performing his spin attack in Attack on Titan Anime

Levi’s abilities are arguably superhuman, and he is easily Paradis’s greatest warrior (surpassing even Mikasa). Although this was demonstrated at numerous points throughout the series, it was seen most prominently through Zeke Yeager’s multiple takedowns.

In addition to defeating Titan’s opponents, Ackermann is equally capable of defeating humans. He managed to escape Kenny the Ripper despite his uncle’s experience and the fact that he was surrounded. Levi’s abilities have saved him in several cases where death seemed certain.

8 Weakness: regret makes you weak

Levi is weakened by the guilt of his failures. This was seen through the animosity he held towards Zeke Yeager after the man’s betrayal of Marley, but was also demonstrated through his reflection on his relationship with Eren.

In the case of the latter, he lamented how many times he saved the young Scout, only to later culminate in the yeagerist movement. Although your regret may not be entirely unfounded, it makes you doubt and prevents you from performing to the best of your ability.

7 Strength: Has excellent reflexes

Levi pounces on Reiner, determined to take him down.

Levi’s swiftness is unrivaled, a necessity to survive the rigors of the hideous “land of the titans.” This was best illustrated through the second battle for Shiganshina, where Ackermann rushed Reiner seconds after he was exposed from hiding.

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Although his actions were not enough to prevent him from becoming the Armored Titan, he canceled what would have been Armin’s untimely death given his proximity to the villain. Additionally, he was able to adapt to Kenny’s clandestine tactics in Reiss’s stronghold (such as scattering shards on his face), defeating the Ripper despite his unpredictability and intelligence.

6 Weakness: Its presentation leaves much to be desired

levi ackerman attack on titan

After the Scout mission in the land of Titan, they were greeted by the cheering inhabitants of Paradis. Despite the welcome the heroes receive after each trip, Levi does little to facilitate goodwill between his organization and its sponsoring public.

Considering that he is the captain of the Scouts, his nonchalance at his praise reflects negatively on the rest of the group. Furthermore, he is not much more receptive to his own comrades, even if Ackermann might have their best interests in mind through his actions.

5 Strength: Your conviction drives you to do whatever it takes

Levi’s conviction allows him to take the necessary steps that many of the other heroes in the series may not be comfortable with. For example, if he were unwilling to torture loyal captives alongside Hange, they would never have learned of Eren’s location, and Paradis would inevitably be doomed to stagnation.

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Another example comes from his willingness to beat Eren to pulp in the presence of Dhalis Zackary. Despite the brutality of their methods, they produce reliable results for Scouts and allow them to proceed where more scrupulous measures might fail them.

4 Weakness: Not as strong a leader as a warrior

As competent as a warrior as Levi might be, his skills don’t translate into leadership enough. While he could provide guidance in the middle of battle (especially as a group captain), he has never shown the will (or the ability) to help them in more complex situations.

This was the reason why Erwin chose Hange to become the next leader of the organization, regardless of his relationship with Ackermann or the superior ability of the man (and a better established reputation). Providentially, Levi was not bothered by Smith’s decision, hinting that he agreed with it.

3 Strength: Has an unusually high raw power


Titans have thick, durable skin, which makes them difficult for Scouts to defeat and requires them to carry a series of swords to be exchanged at any time. Given its natural tenacity, it follows that it should be more difficult to pierce through its flesh.

However, Levi has never had a problem taking down giants and could do so with murderous efficiency. During his battle against Zeke Yeager, he destroyed almost the entire body of the villain, forcing the Beast Titan to eject his passenger and leaving him at the mercy of the captain. This illustrates the deceptively high physical strength at Ackermann’s disposal.

two Weakness: Sometimes you can lose your temper

After Marley’s attack, Levi bludgeoned Eren aboard the aircraft. Unlike the beating Yeager received in court, this had no tangible benefit for either party and only increased the gap between him and the other Scouts.

It was a gruesome illustration of Levi’s temper, one not always controlled with his restraint. He showed similar irritability towards Hange, reproaching her for mocking the Marleyan group that reached the shores of Paradis.

1 Strength: He is one of the few characters who is not intimidated by the Titans.

Understandably, many of the characters in the series feel intimidated by the Titans, particularly during their first few encounters. They are massive monstrosities bent on mindlessly devouring humans and possess few weaknesses to be exploited.

Levi was one of the few characters who was never intimidated by any of these goliaths, even early in his career, under the supervision of Erwin Smith. Instead, his only fear is the possible loss of his companions, especially on his first missions.

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