WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for “Time Off For Good Behavior,” the latest episode of Batwoman, which aired Sunday on The CW.

BatwomanThe mission to stop Black Mask has gotten personal. In “Time Off For Good Behavior,” the latest episode, the leader of the False Face Society kidnapped his on-and-off girlfriend, Angelique, meaning Scarlet Knight will stop at nothing to get her back.

The episode began with Ryan launching an assault on the False Face Society, still furious that Black Mask had blackmailed Angelique into taking the blame. This particular fight was caught on camera at the local Gotham news station, prompting her to make her intentions clear. “Did you hear that, Black Mask? You can hide your face, but you can’t hide from me,” he announced on live television. “I come for you.”

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Outside of his alter ego, Ryan continued to try to convince Angelique to confess the truth. He went to see Angelique at Edgewater Prison during visiting hours, where he hoped to make his way with his ex. “You could get out of here if you leave the guys who really pulled the trigger on Commissioner Forbes,” Ryan insisted. “I know you took the fall to keep me safe from False Face, but I can protect myself.”

However, Angelique deviated, accusing Ryan of having a romantic interest in Batwoman. Without addressing Ryan’s point, Angelique hung up the phone and ended the visit early rather than face the possibility that Ryan would move on without her. “I’m late at seven cents an hour,” he said, referring to the prison job he did ironing jeans, and it left Ryan looking sad and frustrated.

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Ryan didn’t have long to dwell on Angelique’s comment. As a donor to the Sheldon Park Community Center, she was invited to attend the grand opening. However, the joy and hope promised by the center soon turned to terror, when a man wielding lightning attacked the reception. In response, donors fled and abandoned the project, threatening the very existence of the center.

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Of course, Ryan wouldn’t let this happen. The center had personal meaning for her, particularly as a child from the foster care system who would have benefited from such a place, and she would not give up without a fight. As such, Team Batwoman put their search for the Black Mask on hold as they hunted down the attacker and the man who hired him.

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It turned out that the Sheldon Park Community Center attacker was linked to Edgewater, one of Gotham’s for-profit prisons. He was a prisoner there, and had been for two years, including the night of the attack. Ryan then made another visit to the scene to see Mickey K., the alleged assailant, confirming his suspicions and opening another conversation with Angelique.

Still, Angelique resisted Ryan’s urge to tell the truth. “If I tell you their names, I’ll be the next one Black Mask puts a bullet in,” she snapped. “Batwoman can’t be around to protect me 24 hours a day.”

“But I can,” Ryan replied. “It’s just you and me against the world, as always. I will never let Black Mask hurt you.” That seemed to be exactly what Angelique needed to hear, when she finally gave the names to Ryan. Ryan quickly led them to Crow’s agent, Sophie Moore, who promised to get Angelique out of prison if the story was confirmed.

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While he waited, Ryan continued his investigation of Edgewater, which went from bad to worse when they realized that Mickey K. had not escaped, he had been released. In fact, a list of Edgewater prisoners suddenly found released early was timed to random attacks at community centers across Gotham, indicating a connection between all the crimes.

Using deductive reasoning, they narrowed down the mastermind to just one person: Edgewater Correctional CEO Ellis O’Brien. “He personally stepped in and signed off on each early release, all under the guise of ‘time off for good behavior,'” Luke revealed.

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When Mary wondered aloud why O’Brien would want to harm community programs, Ryan noted, “It’s exactly what Imani said: These programs keep kids from going broke, but you know who benefits from kids who do it? ? Prisons. “

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With all the evidence they needed in hand, Ryan went to face O’Brien as Batwoman. She pointed out how much money the city gave him per prisoner, he insisted that there was nothing illegal about his actions. “All that money means that you will be willing to do anything to keep your cells full,” he said. “That’s why you sent Kilovolt to fry the community center. Any program that prevented at-risk children from ending up in one of your prisons affected your results, so you eliminated them.”

“Okay, okay, you got me,” he agreed with a smile, then admitted that he had just been wasting his time. Suddenly she found herself besieged by O’Brien’s guards and O’Brien himself. With a little help from Luke, he overcame them and turned him into the authorities, effectively ending the attacks and saving the Sheldon Community Center.

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When the episode ended, Sophie visited Ryan at the bar where he worked. It came with good news: Angelique’s story had been verified and the prosecutor had signed her deal. In fact, at the time of Sophie’s visit, Angelique was on her way to a witness protection program until Black Mask was arrested. Although she was disappointed that she couldn’t see or speak to Angelique for a while, Ryan was happy anyway, until Black Mask hit.

On the way to a safe house, Angelique and the Ravens leading her were ambushed by the False Face Society. The gang members killed the Cuervos, then kicked Angelique out of the car and yelled. Ryan overheard the whole thing on the phone, unable to stop it.

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Although you may not know it yet, Black Mask just pissed off Batwoman. After all, his actions here were purely selfish. On the one hand, she wanted to punish Angelique not only for giving up her False Face mates, but also for trying to leave the gang. On the other hand, Angelique worked closely with Ocean on the drug Snakebite, which means she is one of the few people left alive who knows how to do it. In the process, however, he made Batwoman’s mission to stop him extremely personal, because he will likely stop at nothing to save the woman he loves.

Batwoman stars Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder, Rachel Skarsten as Alice, Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore, Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox, Dougray Scott as Jacob Kane, Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton-Kane, and Wallis Day as Kate Kane. The new episodes air Sundays at 8 pm ET / PT on The CW.

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