Bling Empire: Kane and Chrishell Stause’s selfie has fans asking for a crossover

With a recent Instagram post, reality star Kane Lim reignited pleas from fans for a cross between Bling Empire and Selling Sunset.

Fans have been clamoring for the second season of Bling empire ever since the show launched in January 2021, and a recent post from star Kane Lim has raised hopes for a crossover event. A second season of the Netflix reality series has been announced and teased with a trailer, but no further details or release date have been given. Instead, viewers have to settle for keeping up with their favorite cast members on social media. A recent Instagram post by Kane Lim now has fans clamoring for a crossover show between Bling empire Y Selling Sunset.

For viewers who love to vicariously experience the riches of others, Netflix is ​​the place to be. From the beginning, Bling empire was touted as a mix of Crazy Rich Asians Y Selling Sunset. Netflix has leaned toward connection, teasing season 2 of Bling empire in the same trailer for the next season of I am selling Sunset. Both casts are also set to compete in a celebrity edition of Family dispute.

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April 11 Bling empire‘s Kane lim posted a selfie with Selling SunsetChrishell Stause and fans were quick to jump on him, asking for a crossover in the comments. Many people said that these were their favorite stars from the two shows. San Pellegrino quickly realized that Kane was holding one of his products and offered to send him more in the comments. A poster suggested the cast of Bling empire must use the real estate services of the Selling Sunset to emit.

While some viewers think they’re fighting for what they want, no one seems to be pushing the crossover more than Netflix itself. They promote the shows together. Even Kane Lim’s Instagram post calls Bling empire Y Selling Sunset to “power couple.“While adding the hashtag” #ThisIsNotSponsored,“He also used the Netflix hashtag, as well as one for Dior (since he’s wearing a Dior hoodie). Even if hanging out with Chrishell wasn’t a planned event and the post wasn’t sponsored or suggested by the producers, Netflix still seems just as interested in bringing these two shows together as the fans.

Viewers won’t be satisfied until they see the rich stars of these popular series flaunt their wealth on the same show. While not all in Bling empire It’s as real as the producers try to make the audience believe, viewers still can’t get enough of the fabricated drama. With two shows on the same streaming service of people flaunting their wealth and trying to be at the top of the social ladder, it’s only natural that Bling empire Y Selling Sunset it will cross at some point. Like the second season of Bling empire, there just isn’t a set date … yet.

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