‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Season 3 Introduces Samurai Theme With New Trailer

The new season of mobile gaming will bring gamers to Tokyo.


Call of Duty: Mobile Players can drop their weapons and pick up their katanas this Friday, April 16 at 5pm PST. The latest installment in the hit game series, Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: Tokyo Escape will allow players to wield their swords in a new melee-only multiplayer mode, Swords and Stones, as well as two new maps, Oasis and Coastal. While the Oasis desert luxury hotel location was first introduced in Modern warfare 3, Coastal is a completely new map created specifically for this mobile iteration.

This update has a ton of new content. Two new additional weapons will be introduced: the PP19 Bizon – Yokai and the QXR – Scorching Sun. The Battle Royale mode will introduce a new Operator Skill, Bull Charge, as well as a new class, Observer. Samurai-themed reward tiers will also be available, making players feel like they are perfecting their path to becoming a disciplined warrior.


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Tokyo Escape is an exciting new development for Call of Duty: Mobile fans, as players will be able to show off their skills at the April 29 samurai-themed marquee event, “The Way of the Warrior.” They will be able to join the Five Knights or the UAC to earn rewards for multiplayer or Battle Royale mode. The stakes are high for the event as the winner takes it all.

As the new season progresses, players can expect to see new season challenges, giveaways, bundles, and more being offered in the store. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3: Tokyo Escape debuts on April 16. Check out the trailer for the new season below:

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