Car Thing: Need a Spotify Smart Player for Car?

Spotify’s Car Thing is a new streaming device for playing music in the car, but it shares many similar features to everyday smartphones.

Spotify finally, it has officially revealed Car Thing, its car-centric smart music player that helps users easily access their favorite music, podcasts, and more. The announcement marks a rare product launch for Spotify, which is primarily known for being one of the best music streaming services in the world. However, the company maintains that this new product creates a seamless music experience that many users were asking for.

Car Thing has not been Spotify’s best-kept secret, following multiple reports of its existence, and images were even detected in the Spotify application code. Also, with last week’s soft reveal of the “Hey spotify“App-specific voice assistant for Spotify, a feature rumored to be directly related to the Car Thing launch, a product introduction seemed more inevitable than ever. Sure enough, Car Thing is here, albeit in Launch form. limited in the US and by invitation only.

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The question now is, does Spotify Car thing will it really be worth it? The smart player, which connects to a user’s car stereo via smartphone and using Bluetooth, USB or AUX cables, will cost $ 80 when fully started and requires a Spotify Premium subscription to work. For those combined costs, Car Thing surely seems to share a lot of functionality like a service-equipped smartphone. Spotify lists Car Thing’s key selling points as voice control via “Hey spotify, “A physical dial for hands-on navigation, a touchscreen, and preset buttons for quick access to favorites. Outside of the dial and presets, a Spotify-paired smartphone and cheap car mount could potentially save costs. Car alternative Thing.

The car thing may make sense to some

New Spotify Product Launch

For many Spotify Premium users, Car Thing likely won’t move the needle like Spotify thinks it will. From a broad perspective, Car Thing simply shares many of the same qualities that can already be found in most modern smartphones. Paying an extra $ 80 for similar results just won’t make sense. However, Similary does not mean the same. Car Thing is intended to make it easier for users to access audio content, thanks to features such as a physical dial and the ability to use the wake phrase at any time (iOS and Android devices can only use the feature when it is opened the Spotify app.). For anyone who spends a significant amount of time in their vehicle, whether for commuting, road trips, or other purposes, it is likely helpful to quickly navigate and select your favorite music or podcasts.

Although Car Thing is an attempt by Spotify to make it easy for users to play their favorite content, it cannot be blamed for that. While many will undoubtedly continue to use their phones to play music while on the road, for others, the Car Thing could end up being a useful remote for controlling music playback for long periods behind the wheel. Not to mention, Spotify’s Car Thing can also be a safer alternative to using a smartphone.

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