Changes to the Warzone store provide further evidence of the change from the 1980s

A recent discovery on the Verdansk map from Call of Duty: Warzone rekindles previous rumors suggesting that the city will have a visual reworking of the 1980s.

The Superstore, one of Call of Duty: War Zonehottest and most popular areas, has recently received an updated look, hinting at Verdansk’s rumored 1980s visual makeover. The Cold War-inspired remake was leaked a couple of weeks ago, suggesting that the title Battle Royale could be equated with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in terms of configuration.

The original leak of the Verdansk makeover in the 1980s included some images detailing Cold War-inspired areas in War zonemap of. Apparently, the rumored changes will be massive, transforming certain locations beyond recognition and introducing new points of interest. Although the information was not officially confirmed, Activision sent DMCA requests to the original leaker and numerous reposters to eliminate the rumor. These actions by the editor could indicate that the remake’s story from the 1980s was at least partially true.

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The fictional city of Verdansk is the main playable map in Call of Duty: War Zone, and it is rumored that she will have a new look this month. On Reddit, user ArabNinja1233 (via Rant game) shared their discovery of 1980s-inspired changes to one of the most popular areas on the map, the Superstore location, during a round of Plunder. It seems that the store shelves now feature strange looking posters with a slightly altered but clearly recognizable logo from the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. The reworked Misha mascot in the pictures looks a bit scarier than the original bear, but its design still reminds of the official one. According to the player who found the poster, there are other details that suggest that the anticipated visual remake of Verdansk in the 1980s is on the way.

Call of Duty Warzone Superstore 80s Olympics Posters by ArabNinja1233

Laying Easter eggs and suggestions Obligations gaming is commonplace for developers, especially considering all the teasing surrounding the rumored Verdansk changes. Recently, another intriguing detail has been discovered in one of the Black Ops Cold WarMaps of the Night of the Sanatorium. One gamer noticed a strange clipboard, which made direct reference to Verdansk and the “Yamantau Protocols” experiments that were supposed to take place there. With zombies infesting War zoneOn the map, this Easter egg could be another indication that Verdansk is about to be the scene of some highly influential events.

It is unlikely that a particular detail, such as the Olympic Games posters, was placed on Call of Duty: War Zone by mistake. It almost certainly confirms that the rumored ’80s visual remake is coming to the game. Obviously such a massive change will be able to bring back downed players and attract newcomers. Furthermore, it is quite possible that War zone will receive a design facelift annually, inheriting the environment and visual style of each new specialty Obligations launch. If this happens, the longevity of the game will be assured for years to come.

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Fountain: ArabNinja1233 / Reddit (via Rant game)

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