Disaster Artist actress Charlyne Yi posts a statement on Instagram alleging that director James Franco bribed her when she tried to resign.

Charlyne Yi, who acted alongside James Franco and Seth Rogen in The disaster artist, announces that he tried to leave the film due to accusations that Franco was a sexual predator. She played the character of Safoya in the movie. The disaster artist It hit theaters in 2017 and performed admirably at the box office, adding to Franco’s growing portfolio and earning him more credibility as a filmmaker.

Directed by and starring Franco, the biographical comedy-drama follows the story of actor Tommy Wisseau and his journey to create the cult classic film. Fourth (2003). Dave Franco played Tommy’s friend and business partner, Greg Sestero. The disaster artist was rewarded with Academy Award nominations and Franco received a Golden Globe for his performance. The film is co-starring Zac Efron, Josh Hutchinson, Alison Brie, Ari Graynor, and Jacki Weaver.

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Yi published his statement to Instagram, detailing his experience on the set of The disaster artist. She explains how she tried to “Break the contract” due to the accumulated stories that had been circulating in which it was alleged that Franco was a predator. When he first tried to quit smoking, Yi reveals “they tried to bribe [her] with a bigger acting role “ what was it “exactly the opposite of what [she] wanted.” Her post incriminates producer Seth Rogen, whom she refers to as one of many “facilitators“that should be celebrated”explicable. “See Yi’s statement, below:

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The story Yi shares about her experience in The disaster artist it has a lot of weight. Memories like hers are not new to Hollywood, and such statements tend to offer a glimpse into a potential truth, which is often heavily guarded. The accusations against Franco are a drop in the proverbial bucket. But the sad fact is that few of these examples go viral like the highly publicized cases against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and most recently Armie Hammer.

Yi finishes her caption on The disaster artist and Franco in acknowledging that this month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This post is the latest example of how these issues should be the focus of ongoing education, as cases of alleged abuse often point to a system that is based on some broken ideals of the past. Learning how to do it better from coworkers, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, is the first step in hopefully minimizing future instances of such abuse.

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