Epic Avengers Assemble Moment shows how Kang differs from Thanos

The Avengers’ current battle against Kang the Conqueror is quite different and much louder than their battle with Thanos in the MCU.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Avengers Mech Strike # 3!

The Avengers are gathering to face off Kang on the conqueror and his last battle couldn’t be more different than the similar scene from the Marvel Cinematic Universe against Thanos. On Avengers mechanical attack # 3, Kang has unleashed dinosaurs and aliens from the future against the Marvel super-team, who fight in their own mechs. The comic shows the vast difference in Kang and Thanos’ fighting styles.

Avengers: Mech Strike It’s been a chaotic, action-packed series that sees Earth’s mightiest heroes enter their own specially designed mechs (created by Tony Stark) to face a new threat known as biomecanoids. It turns out that Kang the Conqueror is responsible for the robotic weapons, and after killing the Black Panther, the time-traveling villain surpassed Avengers Mountain. In the third issue of the series, Kang showed how different his approach to taking on the Avengers is, as he opts to throw everything at them, as opposed to Thanos, who took a more personal approach.

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On Avengers: Clockwork Attacks # 3 by Jed MacKay, Carlos Magno, VC’s Guru-eFX, and Cory Petit, The Avengers are reeling after losing Black Panther. To make matters worse, Kang’s machines corrupted the Celestial’s corpse on Avengers Mountain and shattered time. The Avengers are fighting a new era, fighting biomecanoids and dinosaurs. With all hope almost lost, Captain America asks the Avengers to rally against Kang’s insane army, as the villain watches from above.

United Avengers

Kang’s strategy of sending his minions to defeat the Avengers pales in comparison to what Thanos tried to accomplish in the MCU. The Mad Titan takes a much more personal approach, declaring “okay, I’ll do it myself” after the failure of the Battle of New York. Even his own henchmen, the Black Order, have a personal connection to the Mad Titan. Thanos wanted to be front and center during his fight with the Avengers in Endgame. He led his personal army, even in defeat, trying to take down Marvel’s most powerful heroes himself. Meanwhile, Kang, right now, has to do with theater and show. You might as well be eating popcorn as you watch the time-displaced battle you created.

Ultimately, Thanos wants to find balance in the universe and expresses remorse for killing, even if that doesn’t stop him from doing so. Kang, on the other hand, doesn’t seem particularly concerned about killing Black Panther and sending his biomechanoids to eradicate the rest of the Avengers. Thanos it was about fighting for balance at any cost, while Kang is killing for power. Both villains are still evil, but their reasons for fighting the Avengers couldn’t be more different.

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