‘F9’ Introduces Animated Posters Ahead of Tomorrow’s New Trailer

The family is finally back in June.


The official Twitter account of F9 has revealed that a new trailer for the upcoming action movie will be available tomorrow. The news comes with a series of animated posters, featuring all of our favorite members of the Fast and Furious family that will return in the ninth installment of the franchise.

Each of the animated posters features one of the main characters from F9 posing in front of one of the cars that are so important to the franchise. It’s a quick glance that doesn’t reveal anything about the movie’s plot, but it’s enough to get you excited about the new movie, especially afterwards. F9 it was delayed once again due to the pandemic. Animated posters feature Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson), Tej Parker (Chris Bridges “Ludacris”), Jakob Toretto (John Cena), Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster), Megan Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Han Lue (Sung Kang |).

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F9 will once again put the family at the center of the action when Dom’s long-lost brother Jakob becomes an international threat. Cena won’t be the only villain in F9, but Charlize Theron He also returns as Cypher, the main antagonist of The fate of the furious – the previous film in the franchise. The movie synopsis tells us that Jakob and Cypher are working together to take down Dom’s team, but we’ll get to know more details about F9’s plot once the new trailer releases tomorrow.

Justin lin is back as director of F9, after turning the franchise into an international blockbuster, is now with Tokyo drift, Fast and Furious, Fast five, Y Fast and Furious 6. Lin is also set to direct the last two films supposedly in the franchise after F9.

F9 leads to theaters on June 25, if no further delays occur. You can see the animated posters below, below:

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