Fans tease Halo Master Chief Video’s abrupt ending

He has teased a new Xbox video showing Master Chief’s evolution throughout the Halo series, after he suddenly stops without warning.

A new Xbox video showing auraThe evolution of Master Chief over the years has been teased by fans after he abruptly just comes to a halt with no real definitive ending. This Xbox video is the latest preview before the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Master Chief console. Infinite halo. Infinite halo has been yet another victim in the video game industry that has faced a high-profile delay associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Originally scheduled to launch in November 2020, its release was delayed until 2021, although a specific date has yet to be announced.

Infinite haloMany really felt the absence of November, especially since it coincided with the launch of the next generation of Xbox consoles, the X Series | S. Master Chief’s iconic face adorned the boxes containing the coveted new gaming rig, but the Master Chief himself wouldn’t be making his next-gen debut at the same time. Despite this lack of physical liberation from Infinite haloHowever, Xbox and 343 Industries have kept their fans lured in with lots of bits and pieces and insights into its development as they await the eventual release of the game. A recent behind-the-scenes video for Infinite halo showed how the sound designers at 343 Industries have used a variety of unusual objects, such as the crushing of a piano, to achieve the sound effects of the next game. A sound fragment even hints at the return of the flood.

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Now, in the most recent preview of Xbox, fans have a chance to see how far aura The series as a whole has arrived in the years since its original release. It can be seen that Master Chief and Cortana evolve as the overall quality of the games constantly improves. It’s an impressive visual display of how much technology has grown within the industry over time. However, for some reason, the video stops abruptly after 24 seconds, as if the connection has been lost. It’s unclear if this was intentional or an Xbox bug. Either way, her sudden end was not overlooked aurafans of. Many expressed their feelings of perplexity at this conclusion (or lack of it), with commentators like Mike Gascoigne joking “Editor: “At what point do you want this video to end?” Microsoft: “Yes.” and Pvt Donut asking where the rest of the trailer is.

This is not the first time that Microsoft and 343 Industries have been teased for their Infinite halo promotions. When the first gaming campaign was revealed in the summer of last year, the now-famous Craig the Brute meme was widely ridiculed simply for being so ugly. Since then 343 Industries has tackled these memes and even embraced them, however it certainly came as a blow to the developers and those working behind the scenes to complete the game.

Hopefully more news on Infinite haloThe release date will be announced soon. Until then, though, maybe Xbox will please fans and give the latest Master Chief teaser video a fitting and more satisfying ending. One that won’t be ridiculed online aura community.

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Infinite halo It will be released later this year on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.

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