Goodbye Robin: Batman has a new sidekick

Batman is heading abroad in Batman: The Detective, and will face a new partner who is not a version of Robin: Squire.

Warning! Spoilers for Batman: The Detective # 1 below.

Batman He got a new partner and he’s not a version of Robin. The Dark Knight has been surrounded by grief and loss in Gotham and in Batman: The Detective # 1, he realizes he needs to leave his city after discovering that a plane crash killed hundreds of innocent lives in England. Once he arrives in the UK, he meets Squire, a new hero with a familiar name.

In the new Tom Taylor, Adam Kubert and Brad Anderson series, Batman questions the difference he made in Gotham City. Despite all the scars, pain, and a lifetime of fighting, he believes his city is not safe despite his best efforts and has not made Gotham a better place. After all, his family is gone and he himself is meditating in the Batcave. Bruce Wayne chooses to escape the memories and heads to England to investigate a terrorist attack that has killed hundreds.

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On Batman: The Detective # 1, Batman arrives at the place where the plane fell. However, he quickly realizes that he is not alone, as he calls out to the new Squire. The new hero asks how he knew she was there, before saying, “Oh yeah, you’re Batman, of course.” Squire asks him what he’s doing with a special pair of gloves, but when Gentleman Ghost, a villain who revels in fear, appears, Batman uses the magic item (courtesy of John Constantine) to defend himself. Squire is shocked and says “you … you just hit a dead man”.

Batman Squire DC Comics

If the codename Squire sounds familiar to you, there have been several versions of the English hero, with the original debuting in the 1950s in bat Man # 62. Squire is essentially Robin to the hero the Knight. More recently, Beryl Hutchinson, who is the new Knight of this story, has appeared in a handful of Batman-related stories, including Batman RIP, Batman Incorporated, and his own miniseries. On Detective Comics # 1, Beryl was among the survivors of the plane crash and her previous connection to Batman is what propels him to the UK. This version of Squire, whose real name is Amina, is a new character from the Batman mythos.

In her first appearance, Squire shows how brave she is and how willing she is to protect the Knight, no matter the cost. Squire prepares to fight various villains while Batman visits Beryl in the hospital. Fortunately, Batman stops them before Squire acts, though he soon discovers that the victims of the plane crash were all people he saved previously. It seems that with Beryl out of commission, Squire and Batman are teaming up to solve the deadly but personal case. Batman: Detective No. 1 it’s in stores now.

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