Halo Instagram posts Mario Crossover Art, perhaps poking fun at Nintendo collaboration

Halo’s official Instagram account has posted a crossover artwork of Mario disguised as a Master Chief, sparking rumors of a Nintendo collaboration.

The official Instagram account for aura has published a fragment of Super Mario bros crossover art that has fans theorizing about a possible collaboration with Nintendo. Stranger things have happened in the gaming industry and both Mario and Master Chief have appeared in some interesting places over the years.

Halo: Infinity is the next installment in the Halo franchise, one of Microsoft’s most important titles. The game was originally scheduled to launch alongside Xbox Series X / S in late 2020, but was delayed due to development issues stemming from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The story continues from Halo 5: Guardians and follow the Master Chief who goes on an adventure to save the remnants of humanity. Not much is known about what the game will entail, other than the small bits of information shown in the trailer. Halo: Infinity will be set at facility 07 Halo Ring, with the exiles from Halo Wars 2 appearing as the antagonists as well.

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The publication in the official aura Instagram The page features Mario, Donkey Kong, a Koopa Troopa, and Bowser, all dressed up as aura characters. This post has sparked rumors that Xbox may be looking to partner with Nintendo on something in the near future, following an interview with Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s vice president of gaming, with his Nintendo Switch clearly visible in the background. Now fans think that the Spartan soldier, the Master Chief, may be coming to Smash bros in the next DLC announcement.

In the post, Mario is disguised as the legendary Master Chief, wearing his signature power armor, as well as wielding an assault rifle and the classic Magnum pistol that all Halo games begin with. In the background, Donkey Kong is dressed as a Brute, wielding a gravity hammer and closing in on Mario / Master Chief. Bowser is dressed as an Elite of the Covenant army, seemingly in the place of the Inquisitor, equipped with an energy sword and holding a Cortana / Peach hologram. The Koopa Troopa is obviously a Grunt, running towards Mario with a plasma pistol and a live pulse grenade. Although a Goomba would probably be a more appropriate grunt, perhaps the Goombas serve as the flood-bearing forms of this crossover universe.

Of course, official accounts post fan artwork and crossover pieces all the time. It’s only due to the timing of this post that fans think there might be something else. In the run-up to E3 and other major introductions from big-name game companies, anything is really possible. Only time will tell if there is any subtext in this post.

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