It may actually be because of how dark the anime is that fans continue to buy Neon Genesis Evangelion paraphernalia.

Neon Genesis Evangelion It was a landmark anime for several reasons, the main ones being the tone and themes of the series. Filled with deconstruction and the grim realities of what a Super Robot series would look like in a realistic setting, the series was full of symbolism and is a deep dive into the continuously degrading mental health of its cast.

Despite the series’ heavy-handed nature, it remains a popular franchise even with people who haven’t seen the show. It’s one of the most salable and playful anime series out there, and its characters and concepts have a host of toys, video games, clothing, and collectibles. However, it may be because of how dark the anime is that fans continue to buy. Neon Genesis Evangelion paraphernal goods.

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The Mecha effect

Anime Rebuild Of Evangelion 4 Operation 0706 EVA Attack

Evangelion it remains in essence a series of fuses for all its deconstruction, psychology and existentialism. It bridges the gap between the Real Robot and Super Robot anime, but this only makes the action between the EVA units and the Angels that much more exciting.

Mechanical toys from franchises like Gundam They are some of the most popular and profitable collectibles in Japan and among international anime fans. Evangelion nor is it an exception to this rule. The now iconic EVA units are incredibly marketable given their clear differences from the look of the RX-78 and the mecha VF-1 of their contemporaries.

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Trope girls

rei asuka

Evangelion He is known for his strong female characters, namely Rei and Asuka, who were much more trustworthy and trustworthy than the indecisive Shinji. Asuka helped popularize the “tsundere” trope, while Rei is essentially the same as the not-so-ubiquitous “kuudere” trope. This makes the two young heroines extremely important to the development of modern anime writing.

Pair this with your eye-catching designs and outfits, and it’s obvious why your merchandise would sell. Rei and Asuka cosplayers are much more common in the convention scene than Shinji-like ones, and it is due to how much more popular their characters are. Gainax can quickly make money from otakus locally and internationally by placing their images on toys, posters, and even body pillows.

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Defanging Los Angeles

As mentioned, Evangelion It is usually a dark, depressing and subversive series. Even amid the epic action between the gigantic EVA units and the Angels, death, destruction, and very visceral human fear loom in the background. This tense tone, when combined with the biblical mythology behind the Angels, their inhuman ways, and Shinji’s constant screaming, makes the series as much a psychological horror series as it is a mecha show.

This is a long way from Gundam franchise, which is much simpler with its action and tends to have political overtones in its plots. For this reason, it makes sense that fans want to enjoy Evangelion in a way that eliminates all that intoxicating stuff. Some of the more serious elements of the series are much easier to parse when there is a sillier or more irreverent incarnation to consume.

The popularity of Evangelion appeals to fans who might not otherwise be looking for a grim series. While they may not always want to dive into the series’ dark themes, people are still looking for tangible ways to interact with the franchise. Therefore, the Evangelion marketing machine that produces models, games, chibi figurines, and even food products.

With more universal entry points, it can be introduced to fans Evangelion through products or partnerships, like the EVA skinned shinkansen train or the amazing crossovers from kids’ TV shows. The multiplicity of the franchise is the best reflection of the realism and humanity it tried to portray. While the world is full of serious and sometimes serious problems, it also has numerous trivia that keep things funny amidst the darkest angels that plague humanity.

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