Hunter X Hunter: 10 Major Characters Who Don’t Actually Fight

In a series of shonen, the characters are generally expected to be capable of some form of combat. Characters who are generally not capable are only seen in one episode at best and play only a minor role in a character’s story. But that’s not always the case – some characters are of great importance to the overall development of the main characters and cannot fight at all.

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Other characters are sometimes capable of fighting, but are never actually shown in combat. Instead, their abilities are simply hinted at, or they manage to escape potential fights with hardly showing their skill. Hunter x Hunter, a series more about strategy than “who is stronger than who”, epitomizes the idea that characters do not have to be what is traditionally believed to be “strong” to have importance in the plot.

10 Leroute generally manipulates his opponent’s mind rather than engaging in fights

Hunter x Hunter Leroute

At the beginning of the series, the group meets a character named Leroute. A prisoner located in Trick Tower. Leroute’s goal is to try to stop the prisoners on their way. Leroute doesn’t actually have any power or even any strength that requires her to fight. Instead, he is confident in his ability to understand people and manipulate them.

She gets into a fight against Leorio, manipulating him to lose as much time as possible to reduce his sentence. She is successful too, at least to the extent that they take 50 hours off her sentence and allow examinees only fifty hours to escape the tower.

9 Saccho Kobayakawa is seen more like a detective than a fighter


Another high-level Hunter and member of the Zodiacs, Saccho has yet to be seen fighting anyone. He is a high level hunter and he is a “trouble hunter”, which means that he probably has the ability to fight people, especially since he is a swordsman.

However, instead of spending most of his time fighting, he is part of the Intelligence Team when they agree to go to the Dark Continent. This means that his abilities are best suited for things outside of combat, and he’s usually a detective who doesn’t require him to get physical.

8 Cheadle Yorkshire is supposedly powerful, but was never shown in combat

Cheadle Yorkshire is a member of the Zodiacs, which means that she is fully capable of fighting. She was once described as Netero’s training partner, and since Netero is one of the most powerful people in the series, this means that her power is incredible and she’s probably stronger than most of the people in the series.

However, it is not her job to fight and she has been described as a leader. To date, no one has seen her fight anyone, although Pariston Hill spent a lot of time challenging her ability to lead.

7 Leorio often avoids fights and instead uses his intellect and charisma to get out of battles.

Hunter X Hunter Leorio Paradinight

This may sound ridiculous, but Leorio’s purpose is not to fight. Although the show has showcased Leorio’s abilities multiple times, most of the time his goal is to avoid combat altogether. The character enters as little combat as possible during the Hunter Exam, primarily with his wits rather than his actual combat ability.

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When he is separated from the group after the Yorknew City storyline, it is believed that he will never be important again … but he is thrown into the Zodiacs and actually almost becomes the head of the Hunters Association on his intelligence alone.

6 Myth Freecss is Gon’s adoptive mother, but spends much of her time on Whale Island

Myth Freecss reading a letter in Hunter X Hunter

Myth Freecss is the closest thing Gon has ever had to a mother. With Ging being literally trash and choosing to go exploring rather than raising his son, Mito was the person who raised him. She was responsible for caring for him since he was two years old, and even originally told Gon that he had no parents so that he would not feel the need to search for them.

Myth is not seen much in the early arches, but it appears during the Yorknew City story and is a bigger part of the story now that Gon has returned home. Myth has decided to force him to do schoolwork to catch up with everyone on his level, so hopefully he’ll be a lot smarter when he decides to go back to being a hero.

5 Light Nostrade runs a mafia family and uses money to get ahead

Light nostrade

Another character who is very important during the history of Yorknew City. There, he is the head of the Nostrade crime family. He is technically Kurapika’s boss, as Kurapika works as Neon’s bodyguard during the story.

However, Light has no real combat skills and relies on his power as a leader to get things done. However, even that is not something that you have obtained on your own. In reality, Light became powerful by using his daughter Neon’s power of divination to see the future and manipulate it for his own purposes.

4 Milluki Zoldyck is a top-tier assassin, but chooses to use his hacking talents rather than fight

A member of the Zoldyck family, Milluki is perfectly capable of murder, but does so in a different way than the rest of his family. Milluki cannot fight at all, is physically weak, and spends most of his time in front of a computer.

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But he is also one of the smartest members of the family and can easily access most places. He is also the person who created Killua’s unique yo-yo weapons and is also known for other inventions. His connection to the rest of the Zoldyck family is largely how he manages to stay out of trouble.

3 Komugi couldn’t fight, but he used his nen to make her unstoppable in other ways.

Komugi was a girl who was discovered by the Chimera Ants and managed to connect with the Chimera Ant King. Meruem’s goal was to play against and master his strategy skills in all famous strategy games, with him generally dominating a game in a short amount of time and easily taking down the champion shortly thereafter.

However, Komugi was impossible to take down. Although he possessed no combat ability, he had a Nen restriction that allowed him to continually improve on Gungi, no matter how good his opponent became.

two Neon Nostrade can see the future but needs bodyguards

Neon Nostrade is one of the key characters in the Yorknew City arc. The character is a kind of spoiled brat, due to being born to a mob boss. Kurapika works for her because she has a habit of collecting body parts, which led her to buy a pair of eyes that belonged to a member of her clan.

Neon has no fighting ability, but she had a Nen ability known as Lovely Ghostwriter, which allows her to write poems that can see into people’s futures. Usually the fortunes it displays can be avoided if people listen to it, making it incredibly valuable to the Nostrade clan.

1 Alluka saved Gon’s life, but her special ability is to grant wishes.

Killua’s younger sister is one of the most important characters of the 13th History of the president that finishes off the series. The youngest of the Zoldyck family, Alluka has been possessed by a being from the Dark Continent who has the ability to grant wishes.

The rest of the Zoldyck family seems somewhat terrified of her due to her abilities, but Alluka is sweet and loves her older brother Killua. Although he has no fighting skills, his power to grant wishes is what allows Gon to return to normal.

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