Hunter X Hunter: Is Alluka a boy? & 9 Other questions about the character, answered

Alluka is revealed only much later in Hunter X Hunter, despite being part of the Zoldyck family, simply because the entity within it, Nanika, is currently “uncontrollable”. Her own father dismisses her as “unemotional,” but Killua clearly sees that her sister wants nothing more than someone to take care of her.

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An old photograph of the Zoldycks shows Kikyo with Illumi, Milluki, Killua, and Kalluto pleasantly in front of the camera, but Alluka is clearly located far from the rest of them. Not that it matters what her family thinks of her, anyway, because Killua is the only one whose attention she seeks.

10 Is Alluka a boy? No, but it’s complicated

Hunter x Hunter - Little Alluka

Alluka is called “brother” by Milluki, Illumi, and even Morel (a hunter sent to exterminate the chimera ants). This is contradicted by Killua, who always refers to her as a girl; in one case, he claims that Alluka’s gender is the reason the Zoldycks hired butlers, such as Tsubone and Amane.

Most importantly, though, is the fact that Alluka uses feminine terminology to introduce herself, which is all the confirmation anyone needs.

9 Is she the youngest Zoldyck? No, that would be Kalluto

Hunter x Hunter - Zoldyck Family Photo

Alluka is 11 and Killua is 12, and her two older brothers, Illumi and Milluki, are 17 and 24 respectively. Kalluto, the initially shy boy who wears his fangs when he joins the Phantom Troupe as their new # 4, is 10 years old, making him a year younger than Alluka and the youngest of Zoldyck’s five children.

Interestingly, despite her youth, Alluka is technically more powerful than her entire family put together, but the complexity of her powers makes them quite difficult to use in combat.

8 What is Nanika? An entity from the dark continent

Nanika hxh

Nanika is a yet-to-be-described being who supposedly comes from the dark continent, which is the considerably larger landmass beyond the known world in Hunter X Hunter.

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Nanika’s true nature is a mystery, but her ability to “grant wishes”, after passing a series of strict requirements, makes her quite a useful tool for the Zoldycks. So it’s good that no one except Killua fully understands how Nanika works.

7 Who is the first to observe Nanika? Killua

Hunter x Hunter - Nanika and Killua

Killua is the first person to realize that his sister is “possessed” by something that turns Alluka’s face into the ghost of a Japanese horror movie. Fortunately, he keeps it a secret, knowing that his parents and siblings would only use this knowledge to ostracize Alluka.

Unfortunately, when a butler named Mitsuba discovers that Nanika is manifesting in the girl and tells Silva and Kikyo about the situation, Killua has no choice but to clarify (to some extent).

6 What special privileges does Killua get? You can order Nanika to do whatever you want

Hunter x Hunter - Alluka hugs Killua

There are so many rules and regulations for Nanika’s abilities that it seems impossible to actually obtain a wish one wants. For example, denying Alluka’s requests four times in a row will always result in the death of the person involved, not to mention that wish seekers cannot transfer Alluka’s requests to anyone else.

Killua, however, has the unique advantage of being able to “order” Nanika to do whatever she wants, even if it means overlooking those before him.

5 How many people have died due to the Zoldycks experiments on Alluka? At least 80

Hunter x Hunter - Alluka's Experiments

Kikyo Zoldyck begins the first series of experiments on her daughter with Mitsuba, which concludes with the latter’s rather painful death. The next step is carried out by Illumi, who orders another butler, Kyosuke, to interact with Alluka, who proceeds to ask the maid for her body organs.

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Unable to grant little Zoldyck’s requests, Kyosuke dies, taking sixty-seven others with her. In addition, Nanika’s wish granting has killed 10-15 more people.

4 Can Alluka use Nen? Not currently, but Nanika’s powers are enough

Hunter x Hunter - Alluka protects Killua

Being a Zoldyck, it is highly likely that Alluka has a massive pool of Nen like everyone else in her family. However, Nanika’s presence means that the host girl has never had the need to display her own powers.

Interestingly, it’s not yet confirmed if Nanika’s wish grant is based on Nen, but given the sheer number of statutes included, it sounds like a Specialist ability (like Kurapika’s Emperor’s Time, except it’s much more shocking).

3 Why does Milluki use Nanika’s powers? To assassinate his target and get a new computer

Milluki Zoldyck from HunterXHunter talking on the phone

Illumi describes Alluka’s powers in a flashback, a section of which revolves around her younger brother, Milluki. It seems the latter went for a walk with Kalluto and Alluka, interacting with a photographer (whom he plans to assassinate).

Milluki manipulates the man in such a way that he rejects Alluka’s requests, leading to him being killed. He has also made his sister commit murder as a simple test, but the most despicable thing Milluki has done is use Nanika to get a new computer.

two Is there a limit to Nanika’s granting of wishes? Apparently not

Hunter x Hunter - Killua hugs Nanika

It’s true that Nanika demands that a host of prerequisites be met before giving people what they want, such as being aware of the names of those who ask and preventing a person from continually making wishes.

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That said, each and every wish is granted (sometimes literally), and the Zoldyck family believes that the number (or scope) of wishes that can be requested is endless. Furthermore, Killua orders Nanika to never use her powers again, so the whole point is moot.

1 When was Alluka last seen in the story? Before Gon’s ascent to the world tree

Hunter x Hunter: Gon, Killua, Alluka

After Nanika restores Gon, she has a tearful goodbye with Killua when the latter claims that he only wants to protect his sister and the entity within. Much later in the story, Killua reveals to Gon that Alluka had saved him (via Nanika), causing Gon to thank the three of them profusely.

Everyone goes their own way when Gon arrives at the World Tree, where his father, Ging, had said that he would be waiting for his son to have a real conversation. Alluka is presumably touring the world with Killua right now.

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