James Bond theme song Frank Sinatra Rejected

Iconic singer Frank Sinatra was offered the opportunity to provide a theme song for the James Bond adventure, You Only Live Twice, but the singer refused.

Over the decades, countless major musical artists have contributed James bond Tracks from the iconic spy franchise, but what song from 007 did singer Frank Sinatra turn down the chance to record? With the launch of the delayed No time to dieBond, the movie’s favorite superspy, will finally be able to celebrate his 25th official appearance in a movie. The James Bond franchise has changed its tune countless times over the decades, with the exits of Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan in Bond with a light-hearted and carefree sense of humor in which characters like Daniel Craig and Timothy Dalton took the 007’s role more seriously.

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However, one thing all Bond movies have in common is a theme song written specifically for the movie. Since the third appearance of the late Sean Connery in 1964 Gold finger brought with it the title track of Shirley Bassey, James Bond has always had impressive musical accompaniments to his adventures. However, not all artists who were offered the opportunity to record their own Bond theme have seized the opportunity, just as not all actors who were offered Bond have taken advantage of it.

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The living daylightsThe track was originally intended to be recorded by the New Wave duo Pet Shop Boys, only for the group to turn down the opportunity when they discovered they couldn’t record a full soundtrack. Similarly, the fifth Connery Bond film from 1967 You only live twice has a memorable theme from Nancy Sinatra of fame “These Boots Are Made For Walkin ‘”. However, the singer was not the original artist that the producers wanted on the track. Instead, it was her father, Rat Pack singer Frank Sinatra, who landed her the gig after him, as the Rolling Stones later did with Brosnan’s Bond debut. Golden eye – turned down the opportunity to provide a theme for the film.

Bond and Aki in You Only Live Twice

The move to Sinatra junior was not the end of Bond’s producer’s struggles to get a theme song for You only live twice. Nancy Sinatra was reportedly extremely nervous recording the song, worrying that it would sound like “Minnie Mouse” and causing composer John Barry to record twenty-five takes and stitch them together for the finished track. Unlike future Bond songwriters A-ha, Sinatra was not offered a cameo in the film because of his troubles, perhaps due to his nerves while filming. However, given how infamous and shameful the future is for the creator of the James Bond title track Die another day cameo was, this could have been a blessing in disguise.

Unlike other Bond tracks, “You Only Live Twice” has become a classic and the track’s soundtrack recording, alternate cut, and original demo version featuring Lorraine Chandler that was unearthed years later have been ensured cult status among the franchise. fans. Frank Sinatra may have gotten off the track, but this James bond Nonetheless, the title track managed to secure a legacy despite the Rat Pack singer’s absence from their recorded versions.

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