Konosuba: 5 times Megumin was the MVP (and 5 times she fell flat on her face)

Konosuba is one of the most popular isekai anime series out there, although it is dedicated to satirizing the entire genre. The unfortunate leader of isekai is the clumsy Kazuma Saito, whose main ability is his immense luck. Her offensive power is low, so she has Megumin, the explosive witch, to help.

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Megumin is one of the many anime characters who love to blow things up, and she is the offensive powerhouse of Kazuma’s insane four-member team. Megumin is loved not only for her explosive powers, but also for her elegant “cute witch” outfit and wild personality, and she also has her soft side. Sometimes Megumin is the best part of Konosuba, and other times, she is totally rotten or falls short. How is she up to the task?

10 MEGUMIN WAS MVP: When he graduated from school with honors

Megumin is one of the Crimson Demons, and all of these people are naturally talented with all kinds of magic. Megumin attended a magic school in her hometown, and she quickly proved herself to be a star student there, even amidst intense competition.

Many other students admired Megumin, especially her one-sided rival Yunyun. It’s good to see someone n Konosuba be gifted by nature and not just stumble upon greatness or luck to get out of trouble.

9 MEGUMIN FAILED: When he brushed Yunyun

Through the history of Konosuba, Megunin’s hometown rival appeared once again: Yunyun, a rather talented witch. Yunyun tried to stay close to Megumin during her spin-off comics adventures, but they eventually went their separate ways.

Yunyun eventually ran into her rival and friend in the anime, only for Megumin to ignore her and act like Yunyun was a despicable stranger. That’s just cold and totally out of place. Megumin should treasure her friends a little more.

8 MEGUMIN WAS MVP: When he joined Kazuma’s party

a young megumin with a satisfied smile on her face

Kazuma’s group of adventurers were really struggling, especially when only he and the silly goddess Aqua worked as a couple. That’s when Megumin offered to join them, and it totally changed this party.

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Well, not quite; Megumin has her own drawbacks. But he provided the team with much-needed offensive firepower, and he made a good first impression with his confidence and stylish outfit. Megumin is here to stay, and Konosuba it was better for that.

7 MEGUMIN FELL SHORT: When He Couldn’t Help Raid a Dungeon

Unfortunately, Megumin’s powerful explosion magic is not useful in all battlefield situations. The wide open spaces are the best, while the narrow confines of the dungeon are terribly uncomfortable for this explosive witch.

At one point, Kazuma and the others planned a raid into the dungeons to find some treasure, but Megumin resisted and had to stay at the entrance and hold onto everyone’s things. Ditto, since she has most of the team’s firepower. If only he learned a few other spells that would work well in a dungeon.

6 MEGUMIN WAS MVP: When he diligently practiced his magic

Megumin’s spellbook is indeed too narrow, limited to a single spell. But at least Megumin is smart and diligent enough to keep practicing that spell and improve her craft. With Kazuma in tow, Megumin went to work practicing her spell at a nearby and (apparently) abandoned castle.

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Megumin’s practice proceeded slowly as she can cast the explosion spell only once a day, but at least she persisted, and slowly but surely improved. This is KonosubaThe idea of ​​a shonen-style training bow, and it was rewarding (and fun) to watch.

5 MEGUMIN FELL SHORT: When he ruined a mission by blowing up everything

Unfortunately for Megumin, not all missions require brute force or explosions. In fact, some missions can turn out pretty bad if excess force is used, and once again, this is why Megumin should have learned more than one spell. You cannot adapt very easily to a mission.

Kazuma and the team went on a quest to harvest lots of fish, and they were a little over their heads. Instead of finding a creative solution, Megumin decided to cause an explosion, which ruined all fish and search alike.

4 MEGUMIN WAS MVP: when he helped defeat Vanir

That dungeon had more than treasure. There was also a demonic villain named Vanir, who manifested as a black and white mask that can cling to and control people. At one point, Vanir the mask became fixed on Darkness the crusader, which posed a problem for Kazuma’s group.

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Fortunately, this happened just outside the dungeon, so Megumin had enough room to fire her blast spell and cast it directly on the unsuspecting Vanir. Vanir was defeated and Darkness was freed. Later, Vanir was reborn and became a neutral third party rather than a villain.

3 MEGUMIN FELL SHORT: When he didn’t admit to blowing up Beldia Castle

It was a good idea for Megumin to practice her explosion magic, but she forgot to check if that castle was Really abandoned. Surprise: it belonged to Beldia, the headless horseman of the demon king’s army. And he was furious.

Beldia approached Axel Town and demanded to know who had damaged her castle. Megumin refused to speak, instead watching Beldia threaten the dozens of adventurers who had gathered to defend the city. In the end, Darkness confronted Beldia and Aqua finished him off with her holy magic. That was close.

two MEGUMIN WAS MVP: when he helped defeat Sylvia

In the feature film Konosuba movie, a new villain appeared: the hermaphroditic demon known as Sylvia. This new enemy threatened the entire Crimson Demon village, and no one lasted long in the battle against Sylvia’s power.

When all the tiles were down, Kazuma and his allies managed to devise a counterattack strategy, and Megumin and her rival Yunyun combined their powers to unleash the mother of all blasts. Sylvia was finally defeated and Megumin was a true hero of her people.

1 MEGUMIN FELL SHORT: When almost swallowed by a toad

megumin konosuba toad

Over and over again, those giant toads terrorized the countryside, devouring goats and Aqua alike. At one point, Megumin unleashed an explosion to take out several toads, but was caught by another.

At first, Megumin was sure she could contain the toad until Kazuma could get help, but then she almost swallowed it whole. Megumin barely escaped, and was covered in a nasty slime. It was not her happiest adventure, and Megumin met Yunyun in these unflattering conditions.

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