Ludwig breaks Ninja’s Twitch subscriber record on last day of Subathon

Twitch streamer Ludwig has surpassed Ninja as the most captioned streamer on the platform on the final day of his long-running controversial subaton.

Notorious Twitch serpentine Ludwig has managed to break the world record for Ninja subscribers on the last day of his self-proclaimed “subaton.” Ludwig has been the subject of many headlines in recent weeks during his 31-day broadcast and just as the journey was about to end, he managed to end up in the news once again.

Ludwig’s Twitch stream almost ended in a rather disappointing way after the stream timer was reduced to just 1 second, but a viewer saved the stream by gifting a handful of subscriptions to other chat members to keep the momentum alive. . Some members of the chat rejoiced, as it meant the party had to go on, while others grunted in annoyance, waiting to see the broadcast come to an end. While there will likely be enough buzz to keep the subaton alive for a while longer, the streamer itself can only take a limited amount, and today is the last day of Ludwig’s Twitch broadcast.

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Ludwig had set an ambitious subscriber count target that he wanted to meet by the end of his broadcast, and he finally achieved it. Ludwig announced that today was the last day of his subatu in advance and told fans that he would donate all proceeds from last day’s subscriptions to charities, which appears to have helped him reach his goal of dethroning Ninja as the greatest. Subtitled. Twitch streamer. At the time of writing, Ludwig It has more than 269,853 subscribers, which is 699 more than Ninja. This means that Ludwig is essentially the most popular (and potentially highest-earning) Twitch streamer.

It’s not really a surprise that Ludwig managed to beat Ninja. The rapid rise of the Twitch streamer has been one of the most discussed things in the streaming world for the past month and will likely be a landmark event for the platform. Ludwig’s broadcast has been filled with some pretty incredible moments, meaning that the subscribers who helped keep the broadcast alive definitely got their money’s worth.

At one point, Ludwig prevented his broadcast from ending by matching all the subscriptions he was given within a 10-minute period. More than 4,000 subscriptions were granted in that time period, increasing the timer by about a full day. The streamer also invited a polygraph examiner to his home to ask him questions in front of his friends, prompting fun moments between him and the people he lives with. As memorable as this broadcast has been, Ludwig’s subaton will come to an end tonight at 9PM PDT.

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