Marvel’s Avengers: Two Comic Skins showcase THESE heroes at their lowest ebb

Marvel’s Avengers makes players feel like heroes, but some of their many costumes portray certain characters as less than heroic.

Marvel AvengersThe latest DLC, “Future Imperfect,” adds new content to the game, and Crystal Dynamics has outlined a roadmap for releasing updates in the coming months. These include Black Panther and Wakanda joining the game. While details about these are unknown, other items now in the game have sparked a conversation. These include new skins for the existing lineup of heroes.

These outfits are based on the characters’ various appearances in the comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a notable one is a nod to Tony Stark’s time as a villain in his Endo-Sym armor from The Superior Iron Man. However, this is not the only mask that shows some of Earth’s mightiest heroes at their lowest ebb.

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One of these less than heroic aspects belongs to the God of Thunder himself. Nicknamed “Unworthy”, this costume is based on Jason Aaron and Olivier Coipel The unworthy Thor series, which followed a version of the character who could no longer wield the mighty Mjolnir and tried to find a new hammer to regain his power and pride. In the miniseries, Thor endured bouts of depression and even “warrior insanity” due to his intense desire to get his hammer back. In the end, Thor felt humiliated and had to prove himself worthy again by fighting his friends and risking everything to get back what he had lost.

However, while “Unworthy” shows a mighty God at his weakest point, a Captain America mask depicts the character at a time when he turned into pure evil. “Modern”, which has been available since launch, can be obtained through the Captain America Challenge Card. It is based on the Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven series of events, Secret empire, which showed Captain America as the leader of Hydra.

This Cap’s rule spread throughout America and nearly destroyed the modern Marvel Universe. In the end, it took a separate Captain America that fans knew and loved to defeat the tyrant and restore order. While the costume depicts the patriotic hero in his vilest form, it is also a remarkable recreation of his costume and its different fabric patterns.

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Marvel Avengers he’s been pretty creative when it comes to character costumes. Most are based on the heroes at various times in their past. Black Widow, for example, has masks based on her time as a SHIELD agent and her classic comic book costume. This allows players to create teams inspired by some of their favorite moments from over 80 years of Marvel history. With the Unworthy, Modern, Edo-Sym, and Maestro skins, players can once again draw inspiration and create their own Anti-Avengers team.

While some suits are just plain colors of others, adding skins like these that come with darker storylines and implications show just how much the developers are willing to dig into Marvel’s history. And with more updates to come, fans should expect even more classic (and controversial) skins to be added as well, giving players even more opportunities to create otherwise impossible team rosters.

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