New Snyder Cut shots added the perfect ending to Affleck’s Batman

Batman is a character famous for his dark and often gloomy, but Snyder Cut’s new Justice League shots left Ben Affleck’s Batman on a good note.

Ben Affleck’s Batman is in a dark place in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Zack Snyder fires again to Zack Snyder’s Justice League left Ben Affleck’s Batman on a good note. With the roots of his heroism dating back to the murder of his parents by a thug in a dark alley, it makes sense that Bruce Wayne would invent an alter ego like Batman. Criminals may have been able to use the cloak of darkness to stalk and attack innocents before, but when Batman is around, he rules the night.

The Dark Knight is Batman’s most famous nickname for a reason, and given his traumatic past and his desire not to let too many people into his dangerous secret life, it also makes sense that Batman is the most suitable person to be alone. , even if it deprives it. of some of the joys in life. Such are the things a man like Bruce gives up to become Gotham City’s shadowy protector, and consequently The Caped Crusader is rarely that happy personally.

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Zack Snyder’s DC movies have become famous for their dark tone and aesthetic, with many fans arguing that he goes too far in that direction. Snyder’s chosen Batman, Affleck, is arguably the character’s darkest incarnation of the character in a movie yet. But with Warner Bros. saying that Snyder’s tenure at DC is over, he thankfully used the new Snyder Cut recordings to end their time together with an uplifting final scene.

The new Snyder Cut shots gave Ben Affleck’s Batman a happy ending, sort of

Martian Manhunter meeting Bruce Wayne - Zack Snyder's Justice League

In particular, what comes from the end of Batman in the League of Justice Snyder Cut is anything but hopeful. Bruce experiences another dream / vision of the future Knightmare timeline, in which Darkseid has taken over Earth and used the Anti-Life Equation to turn Superman evil. He wakes up, but then things change. Outside Bruce’s house is a sparkling lake with early morning sunlight. Fresh from the Justice League’s victory over Steppenwolf and preventing the Mother Boxes unification, Bruce looks healthy and hopeful. His conversation with Martian Manhunter also helps complete Batfleck’s circle.

Bruce had openly wondered at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice about Wayne’s legacy, and even suggests that killing Superman might be the only thing that makes it matter. He’s come a long way since then, and Manhunter even tells Bruce that his parents would be proud of all the good he’s done, which clearly shocks Bruce on an emotional level. Bruce also just met a flying alien who, as far as he knows, has divine powers and, unlike what happens in Batman v supermanBruce readily accepts Manhunter’s help, as he has gotten over the idea that powerful beings from another world cannot be trusted, thanks to his experiences fighting alongside Superman.

This sequence with Batman and Martian Manhunter was not in the original plans for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and was written in its entirety for the Snyder Cut re-footage to replace a cameo cut by John Stewart’s Green Lantern. While Batfleck is scheduled to appear in 2022 The flash, rumored to be removed from the DCEU in the future, this could be the final journey for Snyder and Batman, and thankfully, it ended perfectly.

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