NYPD Robot Police Dog Viral Video Makes Comparisons to ‘RoboCop’ and ‘Black Mirror’

The New York Police Department robotic dog seen in viral videos posted on social media has drawn comparisons to Black mirror Y RoboCop. Officially referred to by the NYPD as the Digidog, the four-legged robot began patrolling the streets of New York with police officers late last year. Since then, he has been deployed to help in some very serious situations, such as a hostage situation with a gunman barricaded inside a house.

Digidog is a 70-pound robotic dog with cameras and lights attached to his body. It also features two-way communication to allow the officer controlling the robot to see and hear what is happening in any given situation that the Digidog has been assigned to investigate. Because the robot can see in the dark, it can also help officers know when it is safe to enter an apartment or building by first assessing the threat remotely.

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“The NYPD has been using robots since the 1970s to save lives in hostage situations and hazardous materials incidents,” NYPD said of Digidog on Twitter in February. “This robot model is being tested to assess its capabilities against other models in use by our emergency service unit and bomb squad.”

Whatever the motivation of officials to use Digidog, the robotic animal is creating a lot of public concern. Having seen how quickly new technologies can fail in Black mirror, many fans of the sci-fi series say that Digidog would be right at home on that show. In particular, the robot has many Black mirror fans who remember the “Metalhead” episode about a woman trying to run away from robotic dogs after the collapse of human society.

Others are making comparisons to other science fiction movies and TV shows as examples of why using robotic police dogs is a bad idea. There are many who feel that Digidog’s video clips are reminiscent of RoboCop, feeling like it’s only a matter of time before cyborg police officers patrol the streets. It’s probably worth noting that a robot brutally murders a man in the opening scenes of RoboCop due to a malfunction of the machinery.

“We are a few years away from Robocop,” says one person in response to a Digidog video.

“Great RoboCop vibes. Someone get me a 6000 SUX,” says another fan of the movie.

Meanwhile, others think of the Will Smith movie. I robot, which also dramatized the rise of a highly intelligent robot race. One fan tweeted: “I swear you keep forgetting what happened in I robot. “

“Will Smith tried to tell us in the movie I robot“says another person.

In any case, Digidog is sparking a lot of controversy online as many others are looking beyond movie references and criticizing what they see as a waste of tax dollars. Hopefully sci-fi movies and TV shows haven’t predicted the future and that this is the beginning of the machines that will conquer the planet. The latest Digidog clip was posted by THEE DON on Twitter.

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