Pac-Man 99: How to Set Up a Private Game

Private Matches allow players to play exclusively with their friends in Pac-Man 99. This guide will show players how to set up Private Matches.

Players can set up their own Private Matches in Pac-Man 99. This guide will show players how to do it. Pac-Man 99 It is the newest Battle Royale title to come to Nintendo Switch. In this game, players independently navigate their own mazes, collect marbles, and eat ghosts like any other classic. Pac-man qualification. The trick here is that other players will try to stop you by sending enemies or obstructing your screen. The object of the game is to be the last Pac-Man standing. While the base game allows players to play with players from all over the world, there is a way to set up a private match with your friends. This guide will show players how they can set up their own Private Games.

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To get started, players will need to purchase the Pac-Man 99 Unlock mode in Nintendo eShop. Players should be able to access this content from the main menu by pressing X. Pac-Man 99 The unlock mode costs $ 14.99 USD to buy, but it also comes with a ton of bonus content. In addition to Private Matches, players can unlock:

  • CPU battle mode
  • Password match
  • Attack mode by score
  • Blind Time Trial Mode
  • 8 PAC-MAN arrangements
  • Custom themes

Once the player has purchased this DLC, they will need to wait for it to download and restart the game. Restart it and this is how players can set up a private lobby.

How to set up private games in Pac-Man 99

Pac Man 99 Victory Screen

Once the DLC has been downloaded and installed, launch the game and highlight the Pac-Man 99 and press the X button. It will give players a warning to accept and allow them to create their own 6-digit code for the game. Once done, share this code with your friends and they can join your private lobby. While it can be difficult to gather more than 99 friends in a single lobby, this is a great way to show your Pac-man supremacy against your friends.

Pac-Man 99 It’s a fantastic idea that lends itself to other classic arcade titles by transforming into battle royales. Step with Tetris Y Super Mario Bros and it will probably continue to happen in the future. Potentially a Galaga 99 or something like that? Only time will tell. Regardless, getting that victory is not an easy task in this game. Good luck trying to be the best Pac-Man player out there.

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Pac-Man 99 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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