Game developer Hi-Rez Studios is making working from home a permanent solution, offering employees the option of working from home or in an office.

Hi-Rez Studios, the developer of the team-based first-person multiplayer game Paladins, you are changing the way your employees work. With the ongoing pandemic that has blocked entire cities, most of the workforce has been forced to transition to working from home. Now it appears that this may be a permanent option for some employees, with Hi-Rez Studios’ remote work policy possibly changing the industry forever.

Hi-Rez Studios is launching a new Creativity Unchained program that will encourage more than 80% of development studio employees to work remotely in a collaborative and creative environment. The company has launched a Press release online stating your intentions in the future. The US and UK offices will remain open to any employee who wishes to work in an office environment, with both buildings adapting to the new approach to work. The program is also an option for all levels of employees, from existing Hi-Rez Studio employees to new hires in the future. This program will formalize the proprietary work processes that formed during the pandemic, which were highly successful for both company revenue and employee satisfaction.

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If this sounds like an ideal setup, Hi-Rez Studios is currently hiring over 50 different positions, all of which should have the option of working remotely under the Creativity Unchained program. Hopefully, this will become the norm for the gaming industry, which was previously known for unfair working conditions for developers and systemic culture-crunching issues arising from employers forcing overtime. If the Creativity Unchained program works, it could even result in increased attention to Paladins.

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