Powerpuff Girls live-action costume photos aren’t what they seem

There’s more to the story than the Powerpuff Girls set photos that show the show’s stars in classic costumes from the animated TV show.

Recent photos from the set of the upcoming The CW movie. Super powerful The pilot seemed to indicate that the live-action superheroes would dress up in their costumes from the original animated television series. While that may be true, it is not the whole story.

The leaked photos show flashbacks to the women’s adolescence, which is why they wear their iconic costumes. However, the new series focuses on girls as adults and all the baggage that comes with entering adulthood. This more mature version of the series will find the heroes with a more casual look, which can be found below.

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The photo places series stars Chloe Bennet (Blossom), Dove Cameron (Bubbles) and Yana Perrault (Buttercup) front and center. While they may have given up on their older costumes, they stick to their signature colors from the original show. The layout of the family home is also very reminiscent of its cartoon counterpart.

If chosen in series, Super powerful It will take place several years after the events of the classic cartoon. You will find Blossom dealing with unresolved trauma, Bubbles chasing fame, and Buttercup trying to live an anonymous life. He also accompanies Professor Utonium, played by Scrubs student Donald Faison, who, on the brink of a midlife crisis, makes an effort to reconnect with his grown daughters.

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Created by Craig McCracken, The Powerpuff Girls premiered on Cartoon Network in 1998. It ran for six seasons and 78 episodes (corresponding to 136 segments). The series follows three young girls with superpowers, who were created by Professor Utonium after he accidentally added Chemical X to his chemical mix. The girls use their superpowers, including flight, superhuman strength, superhuman speed, and heat vision, among others, to battle various supervillains, including Mojo Jojo, HIM, and Princess Morbucks.

The Powerpuff Girls used to be pint-sized superheroes from America, now they’re disillusioned twentysomethings who resent losing their childhoods fighting crime. Will they agree to meet now that the world needs them more than ever? Based on the original Cartoon Network animated series and characters created by Craig McCracken.

Super powerful stars Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault, Donald Faison, Nicholas Podany, Tom Kenny, and Robin Lively. The pilot has yet to receive a release date.

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