Real housewives: 10 of the prettiest things women have done for each other

Regardless of which city a fan tunes to, it’s easy to think that the Real housewives The franchise is all about malicious fights and gossip. Viewers have seen years of friendship unravel in a single scene, and many of the cast members have difficult relationships with each other.

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But despite these highly dramatic moments, the Bravo franchise has plenty of sweet scenes, and the women have often helped or offered support to each other. From dealing with divorce to tough times, many cast members have been there for each other and proven that they are true friends.

10 Women Helped Vicki After Her Mother’s Death (RHOC)

Vicki Gunvalson kneeling on the floor talking on the phone at Real Housewives of Orange County

When the women were playing Bunco at Shannon’s house, Vicki received a life-changing phone call: she learned that her mother had passed away.

The cast members were supportive of Vicki and showed her their love and compassion. Everyone was excited and could relate to how horrible and painful this moment was. While Vicki didn’t always get along with her co-stars, they all put their differences aside as this was important.

9 Tamra supported Shannon through her divorce (RHOC)

RHOC Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador

When Tamra was in RHOC, had wild scenes and discussions. However, she could also be an amazing friend and did something really sweet for Shannon; he was there for her one hundred percent when Shannon was going through her divorce.

Tamra used to mention that she always answered the phone when Shannon called her and that she listened to Shannon’s pain. This arose because when the women traveled to Jamaica, Shannon became very angry and Tamra became frustrated, as she had been. such a good friend to her.

8 Gina went to an AA meeting with Braunwyn (RHOC)

Braunwyn Windham Burke RHOC cropped

Fans have seen poignant and dramatic stories in RHOC and in the most recent season, Braunwyn shared that she was an alcoholic. While she and Gina had some tension in their friendship, and they hadn’t gotten along before this point, Gina went to an AA meeting with Braunwyn.

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This was a really nice moment, as Gina knew that Braunwyn needed her love and support, and that it was a scary new world for her. Cameras didn’t film the meeting, but when it ended, viewers learned that Braunwyn had said he was sorry for the tension with Gina, and it seemed things would get better between them.

7 Bethenny visited Jill after Bobby’s death (RHONY)

RHONY Bethenny Jill

RHONY Fans know that Bethenny and Jill used to be very close, but were unable to continue their friendship after a certain point.

But despite this tension, Bethenny visited Jill after the death of her husband Bobby. He knew that he had to forget about the problems of his past and do the right thing. This was a heartwarming moment on the show and fans liked seeing these two cast members being nice to each other. It was clear that it was very meaningful to Jill, especially since Bobby was a huge fan of Bethenny.

6 Braunwyn supported Elizabeth as she shared her difficult past (RHOC)

elizabeth lyn vargas

In the most recent season of RHOCElizabeth spoke about being abused by a religious cult as a child. He had kept it inside and it was clear that it was painful to talk about him.

When Elizabeth told Braunwyn, she experienced some anxiety, and Braunwyn was supportive and concerned. Braunwyn realized that he shouldn’t have bothered about so many things. Braunwyn said on the show, ‚ÄúThis puts everything in perspective, I’m sorry I dug up the insignificant things. I wasn’t a good friend when I could have been. I definitely have to make it up to her. “

5 Nene Helped Cynthia Get Her Wedding Day Glamor (RHOA)

cynthia bailey rhoa cropped

In the season 3 episode of RHOA Called “The Bride and the Bane,” Cynthia had her first wedding, and Nene was by her side as she did her hair and makeup for the big day.

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life and it is always meaningful to have good friends there. It is very moving to see Real housewives The cast members share these enjoyable moments together as they can put any fight or drama aside and just enjoy having a good time.

4 Some of the ladies went to Teddi’s Wellness Retreat (RHOBH)

Teddi Mellencamp in rhobh

There have been several juicy and dramatic RHOBH plots and Teddi used to not be involved in too many. She tended to stay on the sidelines, aside from the Puppygate story fans are familiar with. But when Teddi invited his friends to a wellness / responsibility retreat he was hosting and said he didn’t care if they went or not, they definitely felt funny about his wording.

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Some of the women went to the retreat, and this was very kind of them. Sometimes friendship means supporting someone and being there for them, even if it’s not easy.

3 Sonja was there when Luann’s (RHONY) trial period ended


In the season 12 premiere of RHONY, Sonja and Luann were filmed as Luann left the courthouse, happy that her probation was over.

Luann was clearly relieved that this part of her life was over, and Sonja was being a good friend by being there for the big time. Cast members in any Real housewives Cities aren’t always friendly to each other, but this was one of the nicest things Sonja has done for anyone on the show.

two The ladies attended Luann’s Halloween cabaret (RHONY)

rhony luann wwhl

Bethenny, Dorina, Tinsley and Barbara attended Luann’s Halloween cabaret performance at RHONY. This caused some drama when Bethenny left early, as Luann was late and wanted to get home with her daughter.

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It was very kind of the women to attend this performance, as fans of RHONY they are familiar with the frustration they have felt over Luann’s passion. Bethenny in particular has told Luann that she became too obsessed with cabaret. This is another good example of friends showing off each other.

1 Lisa Rinna told Denise Richards she understood her side (RHOBH)

Denise richards talking to lisa rinna - rhobh

After Brandi claimed that she and Denise were having an affair, Lisa Rinna and Denise discussed their friendship and Lisa supported them. It seemed like she understood where Denise was on the subject and wanted Denise to feel like she was in her corner.

This is one of the prettiest things that any of the Real housewives have done for each other as there were so many rumors about this situation. Lisa could have easily stayed on the sidelines, especially since she had been involved in a lot of drama in the past, but she wanted Denise to know that their friendship was solid.

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