Shadow Man Remastered: trailer, plot, release date and news to know

Shadow Man Remastered brings the original game to modern consoles, as well as graphics and gameplay updates for a modern experience.

Although Valiant Comics may not be as well known as Marvel, DC, or even Image, their characters have still starred in numerous video games. One of those games was the cult classic. Shadow man, which was a flexible adaptation of one of the company’s most supernatural characters. The 1999 action-adventure title is one of the more mainstream appearances in the Brave Universe and will soon reach a new generation of gamers.

Shadow Man Remastered brings the original game to modern consoles, as well as graphics and gameplay updates for a modern experience. Developed by Nightdive Studios, the game will allow players to enjoy the macabre adventure in which Michael LeRoi faces the dead and the dying in the video game version of the Valiant myths. Here’s what gamers and comic book fans should know about the game’s upcoming 1999 re-release.

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The story of the game is based on the reboot. Shadow man Comics that were published after Acclaim acquired Valiant in the mid-1990s. The game’s Shadow Man is not the familiar Jack Boniface wearing a superhero costume, but a man named Michael LeRoi. The current in a long line of Men of Shadows, LeRoi is linked with the Mask of Shadows. His mentor, Mama Nettie, warns him of his prophetic dreams, which predict a dark future brought about by the demonic legion. The resulting adventure sees Shadow Man take on the forces of the Deadside, fighting demons and even Jack the Ripper.

The gameplay of the game is a typical late 90s 3D action-adventure title, with exploration and puzzle elements. The remaster features improved graphics and audio fidelity, including a 4K widescreen display, dynamic shadow mapping, and pixelation. There will also be content trimmed from the original version of the game, making Shadow Man Remastered the true and definitive version of the experience. The original version of the game’s hit spawned a sequel, which was infamous for its morbid marketing campaign.

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Trailer and news

The game was originally re-released in 2013 via for PC, and will subsequently be available via Steam. This was developed by Nightdive Studios, who is also behind the upcoming remaster. However, said remastering is not simply a graphical update, as it renews the game from the ground up with the sensibilities of modern games in mind.

In a statement, Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick said: “Our goal with the remastering is to provide the current generation of gamers with all the features they have come to expect from a modern title, while preserving the qualities that made the character iconic Valiant and original. Shadow man memorable classics game to start with. ”This will allow those who grew up with the game to have a similar experience, while also allowing newcomers to enjoy it as well.

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Release date

The planned release of the remastered game had been on the air after its March 2020 announcement, but a firm release date has finally been given. Shadow Man Remastered It will be available on Microsoft Windows on April 15. Versions for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 are in the works, but no specific release date has been announced for them. They are expected to launch later this year.

The relaunch of the game coincides with the launch of a new Shadow man Valiant comic featuring Jack Boniface’s classic version of the character. It’s a better time than ever to be a fan of Shadowman and the Valiant Universe, as players can make their journey to the Deadside starting this week.

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