Sister Wives: Kody criticized for not adhering to COVID-19 guidelines

As his family separates, Sister Wives’ Kody Brown has failed to impress fans with the way he decided that his wives would deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kody Brown and his four wives have sparked controversy through their show Sister wives, and now, his handling of COVID-19 has fans furious. With their marriages falling apart and the wives able to hide their jealousy further, Kody wanted to move everyone into a house, hoping to fix the problems. That only led to more arguments between the wives, most of whom do not want to live together. Then the pandemic hit and put Kody in a precarious position, trying to quarantine him with four families in four different houses is impossible without completely cutting off some of his wives and children. Kody’s solution hasn’t impressed viewers, who have criticized it online.

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Sister wives It was always intended to be a show that shows people that polygamy isn’t all that negative. Unfortunately, it seems to be exactly what people expected, an unhappy and difficult situation for the wives, with jealousy and competition for the attention of her husband. Even Kody has talked about no longer being an advocate for this way of life as he gets older, the more he understands the unfair situation he has put his wives in. However, that breakthrough doesn’t seem to have changed his behavior at all.

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With the 2020 pandemic, everyone has struggled to find their new normal. It’s even more difficult if you don’t have just one house, but four. Kody is used to being the patriarch of all households, the one in charge of all, setting the rules for his children and the rules for their wives. In assessing the situation, he decided that it would be better for everyone to self-quarantine and stay in their individual homes. But that rule only applied to everyone else, not to him. He traveled between the four houses and at the same time told his children that they could not even visit their siblings in other houses. Recently, Codes posted on Twitter that “Large families need to reduce the risk of exposure.” Viewers pointed out on social media that Kody could infect all four households that way, even if he was the only one traveling.

While some people appreciated this sentiment and were glad that he was taking the risk seriously, others questioned why he thought it was safe for him to walk the way he wanted, but hoped his family would stay home. Janelle had at least one child who couldn’t afford to work from home, so she made the sacrifice of asking Kody not to come so she wouldn’t risk infecting the entire family. Instead of accepting this, Kody complained that he was being “punishedAnd she couldn’t understand why Janelle’s kids couldn’t stay home, which meant they would lose their jobs.

Kody Brown has always made decisions in life based on what would make him the happiest (for example, having four wives), with less consideration for his family. The fact that he can have as many wives as he wants, but they all have to share only him reinforces the idea that his happiness is more important than that of others. It’s really no wonder that in the added chaos of a pandemic, your main concern is that your life isn’t affected as much as possible. While some people are criticizing it, longtime viewers just aren’t surprised.

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