Sony announces first major PS5 updates

Sony announces the first major update to PlayStation 5, with plans to introduce a variety of new features and quality of life improvements.

Sony is releasing its first major update for PlayStation 5, which includes a variety of new features and quality of life improvements.

Sony announced that the system software update will be released on April 14. Although it is primarily aimed at PS5, the update will also affect PS4 and PlayStation App. Improvements include improvements to the console’s storage capabilities, social features, controls and customization, as well as the companion app.

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The first section of the updates listed was for console storage expansion and management, which provides the ability to store PS5 games on compatible external USB drives. One regularly criticized aspect of the console at launch was its limited storage, as the larger size of the games meant that gamers could only have a few installed on the console. With a USB, gamers can keep game data and transfer it to the console when ready to play, which is significantly faster than re-downloading or copying from a disc. However, it will not be possible to play games directly from the USB extended storage.

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Improvements to the console’s social features include the introduction of cross-generation Share Play, which allows friends who use a PS4 to view their game screen and even try PS5 games. Cross-generation compatibility was further expanded through a “Request to Join” option that will be present in a menu of game sessions that can be joined.

Enhancements to control and customization options will include easier navigation through the Game Base, allowing for faster changes between parties and friends. Players will also be able to turn notifications on or off for individual groups. Additionally, players will be able to quickly disable in-game chat or adjust their microphone volume. It will also allow for game updates to be pre-downloaded, which should allow players to immediately experience the latest version of a game after the patch is released. Additionally, gamers can expect to customize their game library to be more efficient and visually pleasing, while also adjusting the screen magnification to suit individual preferences. Finally, players will be able to influence when a screenshot is taken by receiving a trophy.

The last mention was given to the PlayStation app, which will introduce more features in the coming weeks. It will include the ability to join multiplayer sessions through the app, manage console storage, compare trophies with friends, and filter the products available on the PlayStation Store.

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