Star Trek: Every Season of the Original Series, Ranked

With the original Star Trek series celebrating its 55th anniversary this year, let’s see how their seasons stack up against each other.

The original Star trek The television series, the show that started a pop culture phenomenon, celebrates its 55th anniversary this year. While the series only aired for three seasons before its eventual cancellation in 1969, the show proved highly influential, filled with acclaimed episodes that posed deep questions to the team as they drifted into the unknown.

That said, not every season maintains a consistent level of quality. Here is the final ranking of the three seasons of the original. Star trek series, including each season’s featured episodes and some of the show’s biggest disappointments.

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3. Season 3

The third season of Star trek It is considered by many, including the cast and crew, as the weakest season of the original series. Dissatisfied with the new time slot given to the series by the network, series creator and executive producer Gene Roddenberry partnered with the production in name only, no longer personally reviewing or rewriting the script for each episode. The production budget for the last season was also drastically reduced, which explains the notable drop in quality on a technical level.

Some season 3 highlights include episodes such as “The Tholian Web” and “Make it your last battlefield,” but it also contains some of the worst episodes in the entire series. Among the worst episodes of season 3, and the series as a whole, are “Spock’s Brain” and “And the Children Shall Lead.”

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2. Season 1

The season that started it all, the inaugural season of Star trek introduced the Enterprise crew and their memorable characters to the public in 1966. The nuances of Starfleet and main characters are established, although the overall show is still visibly navigating its tone and rule in the universe as evidenced by episodes. more awkward from Season 1, such as “The King’s Conscience”, “Court Martial” and “The Alternative Factor”.

That said, the series shows a lot of its charm and promise early on, and the vast majority of the episodes in season 1 are fantastic installments. Notable episodes include “The Menagerie,” “City on the Edge of Forever,” which would win Hugo Awards, and “The Space Speed,” an entry that would directly inform the franchise’s second feature film. Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.

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1. Season 2

While season 1 laid the groundwork, the second season of the original series would maintain a more consistent level of quality throughout, while the cast and crew dynamics would visibly gel on screen. This allowed the episodes to delve into the respective backstories of the main characters and draw on the strengths of the ensemble. The show was also able to feature important pieces of franchise myths in season 2, from Vulcan culture in the season premiere “Amok Time” to the existence of the Mirror Universe in the episode “Mirror, Mirror.”

Other highlights of season 2 include the diplomatic mission gone awry in “Journey to Babel” and the more comical episode “The Trouble with Tribbles,” as the show began to weave more fun elements into the proceedings. The weakest episodes of season 2 include the season finale “Assignment: Earth,” which was intended as a failed backdoor pilot for a Roddenberry-planned series, and the garish and terrifying episode “The Omega Glory,” where Kirk save the day by reciting the American Constitution.

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