The star Wars Extended Universe, now known as Legends, was for a long time the only game out there if fans wanted new ones. Star Wars contents. Spanning novels, comics, and video games, Legends told stories set before and after the movies, but was decanonized after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilms. While some stories could definitely be re-canonized, Lucasfilm hasn’t pulled the trigger to do so, even though they have no problem mining Legends for content.

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While some fans will argue that the Legends stories could have saved the Sequel Trilogy, there are definitely Legends stories that are better than non-canon for a variety of reasons. Legends weren’t always great, and it’s okay that some of them don’t count anymore.

10 The novel that Revan tried to poke fun at the character’s popularity, but angered fans

Star Wars, The Old Republic it was a huge success and the MMO is still playable today. It’s not exactly canon though, and while it has some great spin-off material, the novel Revan, by author Drew Karpshyn, is not among them. While Revan is one of the most popular Sith in Legends, even his die-hard fans don’t like this book.

If Lucasfilm ever sees fit to re-canonize Darth Revan, they would do well to leave this novel out. It doesn’t do the character any favors and it also makes a mess KOTOR I Y II. It’s sad when a great character gets dirty with a mediocre story, but that’s Revan In one word.

9 Last One Standing: Boba Fett’s Story Was Finally Discarded By Legends And Shouldn’t Be Recovered

Boba Fett Comic

Legends had great short story anthology books, like Tales from Jabba’s Palace, Tales from the Empire, Y Tales of the New Republic. Most of the stories in these were originally written for the West End Games’ Star Wars Role-playing game posts, introducing new characters and traditions. Tales of the bounty hunters was an anthology starring the deadly bounty hunters of The Empire Strikes Back And that’s fine, except for the Boba Fett story.

A Boba Fett origin story before its actual origin was known, this Daniel Keys Moran story was aggressively mediocre and while it featured things like Fett’s wife, it would be decanonized and should remain that way.

8 Lucasfilm would probably ruin the shadows of the Empire

Not everything should be out of canon because it is bad. Some things should stick around because there’s a good chance Lucasfilm messes them up in some way. Shadows of empire By author Steve Perry, falls into this category.

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In addition to being a book, it was also a video game and a comic, telling how the heroes of the Rebellion became entangled with Prince Xizor between The Empire Strikes Back Y Return of the Jedi. It’s a very good story, it acts as a connective tissue between the two movies, and it better not exist in canon. Canon is a very different place and changing this classic story too much to fit it would ruin it.

7 Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye Was Written In Case New Hope Failed And Better Get Out Of Canon

Star Wars: Sliver of the Mind's Eye # 1

No one was sure of the success of the first Star Wars movie. There was a possibility that the film would not find an audience, so George Lucas had author Alan Dean Foster write a novel that would be a sequel. Sliver of the mind’s eye. While it would introduce things like Kyber crystals in the form of the mighty Kaiburr Crystal, it would also include a kiss between Luke and Leia which is very gross.

The book was not even canon of Legends eventually and does not need to be included in the canon. Of course, given that Disney and Lucasfilm haven’t paid royalties to Foster in years, there’s practically no chance of that happening anyway.

6 Jaden Korr’s duology is too good for the new Canon

Countercurrent and countercurrent

Jaden Korr was featured at the Jedi Knight computer games and eventually got his own book duology, Countercurrent Y Turby waters by author Paul S. Kemp. Korr hadn’t received much love in Legends, but these books were excellent, pitting him against Sith from the past in Countercurrent and malevolent Force-sensitive clones of the galaxy’s most powerful Jedi in Turby waters.

While these books cannot be canon for many reasons, mainly due to the Sequel-based changes to the continuity, they shouldn’t become canon because they are too good. You would have to change too many things about them and while the stories might work in another era, they are too good for the current one. Star Wars universe.

5 Callista’s trilogy was never very good to start with

Sons of the Jedi, Darksaber, Planet of Twilight

The Callista Trilogy comprises three books: Children of the Jedi, Darksaber, Y Twilight planet– the first and last written by Barbara Hambly and the middle by Kevin J. Anderson. It is not highly appreciated, as it is primarily about Luke falling in love with the spirit of the Jedi Callista of the Old Republic and her adventures after she takes over the body of one of her dead students.

The trilogy has its moments, but it is not fondly remembered. Beyond all that, Luke’s life in canon is vastly different from Legends, and while parts of this story could fit into 30 years that no one knows much about, it doesn’t have to be that way.

4 The Corellian trilogy is Peak Mediocre Legends

Ambush on Corellia, Assault on Selonia, Showdown at Centerpoint

In the mid-to-late 90s, the Legends continuity wasn’t working very well and stories like The Corellian Trilogy they were the reason why. These three books … Ambush on Corellia, assault on Selonia, Y Showdown at Centerpoint– were written by author Roger MacBride Allen and dealt with the Corellian system rebelling against the New Republic using the power of Centerpoint Station, an ancient superweapon.

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Because Only, much of this trilogy cannot happen due to differences between canon and Legends Han Solo. But beyond that, it’s just not a good story. There is nothing in it that should be canon.

3 The Black Fleet crisis had potential, but the middle book killed it

Before the storm, shield of lies, proof of the tyrant

The crisis of the Black Fleet, by author Michael P. Kube-McDowell, took place at Before the storm, shield of lies, Y Tyrant’s Test. He saw the alien Yevetha emerge from the Deep Core with an Imperial Fleet that had been taken from the Empire after the Emperor’s death and attack the Republic while Luke Skywalker searched for clues to his mother’s identity.

This is another trilogy from that dark time for Legends. It started out great, but the second book ended it all, devoting over a hundred pages to a boring subplot starring Lando, Lobot, and the droids exploring an alien ship. It is better not canon.

two The new rebellion is one of the most forgettable legend stories of all

The cover of the new rebellion cropped

The new rebellion by author Kristine Kathryn Rusch, it’s not a bad book. A new rebellion against the New Republic arises, led by Kueller, a former student of Luke who fell to the dark side. It has some interesting parts, but nothing sticks in the memory and is hardly a footnote in the history of Legends.

Set during Leia’s time as Head of State of the New Republic, a big difference between canon and Legend, it’s a pretty mediocre story that doesn’t need to be told, even if it could fit the continuity in some way.

1 The Crystal Star is the worst novel of legends

The crystal star, by author Vonda N. McIntyre, is widely considered the worst Star Wars book always and it is better to forget it. It begins with the kidnapping of Han and Leia’s children by Hethrir, leader of the Empire Reborn, just as Luke and Han go to a place called Creish Station to investigate a cult led by the mysterious Waru.

It all comes together in the end, but here’s the problem: it’s completely terrible. The crystal star is one of those stories that gives Legends a bad name and deserves its non-existence more than any other Star Wars story.

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