Star Wars: The Great Republic’s Greatest Threat Is Children (Literally)

A little brat named Krix, fueled by feelings of betrayal and fear for his life, is helping the Nihil in Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures # 3.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Adventures of the High Republic # 3!

A little brat named Krix who’s mad at his old friend might help Star Wars‘the villain Nihil takes down the High republicStarlight Beacon even though she has no powers. Krix has been communicating with a Force user named Zeen Mrala who is currently on the Starlight Beacon with Yoda. Krix is ​​essentially a prisoner of Nihil and they just caught him communicating with her behind her back. If he wants to survive, Krix needs to help Nihil ambush the Starlight Beacon.

Krix and Zeen find themselves in this rather strange situation after flaming balls of space debris hurtled from the sky onto their planet. Yoda was in the vicinity and came to help as Nihil arrived simultaneously to obtain coveted information on certain artifacts from the planet’s elder. Zeen, a powerful wielder of the Force, aided the Jedi and eventually went with them to the Starlight Beacon as the planet’s elder took Krix with him to the Nihil ship.

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Written by Daniel Jose Older with art by Harvey Tolibao, Star Wars: The Adventures of the High Republic Number 3 begins with Krix and Zeen keeping in communication via a holoprojector despite Krix being furious with Zeen for hiding his powers from him and betraying everything their elders taught them. When the Nihils discover that Krix has been secretly communicating with Zeen, they threaten the boy into helping them ambush the Starlight Beacon, all while trying to exacerbate Krix’s negative feelings towards Zeen to further coerce him. Meanwhile, Yoda, who already had a keen interest in finding Nihil’s vessel, asks Zeen to help him do so once he learns of her communications with Krix.

Even though Krix is ​​just a little boy who does not possess powers, there are numerous contributing factors that make him a worthy adversary for High republic. Not only is he in a position where he feels his life depends on him helping Nihil ambush the Starlight Beacon, but he has been injured by Zeen’s betrayal, which will no doubt fuel his efforts to hurt her back. without trying to betray the Nihil. .

Krix also has another weapon up his sleeve. He has proven to be a little schemer who is willing to backstab those who love him to save his own skin. Previously, he blamed his communications with Zeen on the eldest on his planet, whom Nihil quickly got rid of despite knowing that Krix was the culprit. Even in the Star Wars universe, there is nothing more powerful than an angry and vengeful brat who is more than capable of betraying his loved ones without a second thought.

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