Stephen King’s long-awaited Firestarter reboot has taken a giant step forward with the confirmation that filming will begin in June.

Filming of the new adaptation of the iconic horror author Stephen King. Fire starter it is officially scheduled to begin in June. Fans of the sci-fi horror tale have been patiently waiting for the film since it was first announced in 2010. With some of its cast having been teased for the past few months, the project appears to be finally moving forward. .

It’s no secret that the first time King’s 1980 novel was made into a big-screen feature film, it failed to impress either King or the general public. With a cast that included Martin Sheen, Heather Locklear, and a young Drew Barrymore, the film was not without star power, but its biggest flaws seemed to come from a script that scrapped everything that made King’s original story so tense. and full of intrigue. . The story centers on a young woman named Charlie (Barrymore) whose pyrokinetic abilities make her a target of the United States Government Department of Scientific Intelligence, also known as The Shop. The desire to turn the boy’s abilities into weapons keeps Charlie and his father Andy on the run, but a confrontation eventually ensues, with Charlie using his pyrokinetic powers to save himself from government agents.

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With the information on the upcoming remake coming in small increments for years, fans will breathe a sigh of relief at the news of THR what Fire starter filming will begin next June. The information was released during an interview with producer Akiva Goldsman, who did not go so far as to guarantee a June filming date, but gave a rough estimate. For fans of King and the original Fire starter novel, this is the closest the project has come to officially starting in more than a decade:

Fire starter is one of Stephen King’s last great novels, undone or redone, to become classics. There are things I will never forget about the original movie. But he deviated significantly from the book. So Scott Teems, who is a really wonderful writer, wrote this magnificent script that is much closer to the novel in both incident and tone. We started shooting, I mean, in 12 weeks. Fire starter It was always one of Stephen’s most intimate and affective horrors, and I think pyrokinesis is a really fascinating idea when it comes to expressing hidden feelings.

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Drew Barrymore on Stephen King's Firestarter.

The new movie has Zac Efron on board as Charlie’s father Andy, but so far the role of Charlie has not been cast. It’s undoubtedly one of the most vital elements in achieving a solid adaptation, and fans have no shortage of suggestions as to who would be best suited for the role. But even if Goldsman’s production goes for the best Charlie possible, adapting a King novel has proven to be a very challenging prospect for many over the years. The fact that the film’s script is reportedly staying more true to its source material is something that arguably should happen more often with King adaptations.

At this point, it has been so long to get Fire starter From the point of view that some find it hard to believe that the final product will be worth the wait. Development hell has often been the kiss of death for too many projects, but in the case of Fire starter, the best hope is that it will outperform the quality of the 1984 adaptation. Obviously, there’s no guarantee of success, but at least, this new adaptation Fire starter will give audiences a chance to see an adaptation of King that strives to honor his unique original material.

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