The director of ‘the Meg 2’ promises to respect the original and offer a great shark action

There were few expectations of the protagonist of Jason Statham 2018 The meg, about a 75-foot prehistoric Megalodon shark escaping into the modern world. But the film stunned critics by grossing more than $ 500 million at the global box office. A sequel was practically guaranteed at the time, and British director Ben Wheatley was hired to direct. The Meg 2. In an interview with, Wheatley teased some epic action sequences for The meg continuation.

“It’s an opportunity to do action on such an unbelievably large scale, which is just unbelievable. To do Free Fire, which was, I thought, all of my Christmases came at once in terms of action, this is just unbelievable. And just doing the storyboards, just thinking and saying, ‘Oh,’ it’s just … I feel a huge responsibility for that, to make sure it meets all the great shark fans. “

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Of many ways, The meg It was like a louder version of Jaw, where the titular shark, despite being larger than most planes, somehow manages to sneak up on humans before destroying any watercraft they were on. . Statham’s presence as the grim-faced lead also helped give the story some legitimacy, and the actor is expected to reprise his role for the sequel.

The biggest disappointment for fans of The meg It was that the movie didn’t live up to its gory potential with a giant killer shark in the mix by maintaining a PG-13 rating. For the sequel, the novel writer who The meg is based on, Steve Alten, teased for a darker tone and potential R rating last year. According to Ben Wheatley, you intend to honor what has happened before rather than trying to take The meg franchise in a new direction with the sequel.

“A lot of this is respecting Meg, and trying to make sure it’s a great Meg movie. And as you can see in the movies I did, it’s not necessarily, it’s not … when you go and do Doctor Who, no I completely change it because I wanted to. I didn’t necessarily want to turn it into something completely different that no one would recognize, you know? So there’s that back and forth element. “

In the past, Statham had expressed his hope to see The meg one day become a billion dollar franchise, on par with the MCU and Fast and Furious Serie. For that to happen, the sequel to The meg he needs to get it out of the park, to show that the success of the original was no fluke.

As for your rating, if the studio is really interested in trying to make a billion dollars at the box office, The Meg 2 It is unlikely to have an R rating, as that reduces the potential audience for the film. Crossing your fingers through the study try to follow the lead of the dead Pool franchise to establish a lucrative R-rated franchise.

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