Joss Whedon’s sci-fi series about a group of women mostly endowed with strange powers in Victorian Britain is the best premiere of the HBO Max original series.

The Nevers is HBO Max’s most-watched original series premiere to date, with a total of 1.4 million viewers on TV and digital. The sci-fi drama takes place during the last years of the reign of Queen Victoria and focuses on a group of women mostly called “Touched”, who are endowed with extraordinary powers. Wily Amalia True (Laura Donnelly), whose “twist” gives her a glimpse into the future, and inventor Penance Adair (Ann Skelly), who can see the energy flowing around her, team up with some other “orphans” to protect themselves. as the Headdresses quickly become a threatened underclass.

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The pilot begins his story three years after Touched was created and features Inspector Frank Mundi (Ben Chaplin) as he goes after Touched’s serial killer, Maladie (Amy Mason), who gains power by inflicting pain on others. The April 11 premiere begins the weekly release schedule for the first part of the series. The Nevers was forced to suspend production during the pandemic, so season 1 will be released in two parts. The first part will consist of 6 episodes and will reach a narrative break in May. The second part is forthcoming.

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For Term, The Nevers drew record numbers for an original HBO Max series. With 1.4 million viewers, it surpassed Lovecraft country Y Undoing premieres. HBO said it expects total views to increase as curious subscribers jump on the bandwagon after the fact. The news bodes well for the series, which has received praise for embodying the style of creator Joss Whedon’s previous hits, maintaining a large audience for weeks to come.

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Although the numbers are promising and early reviews praise Whedon’s recognizable sensibilities, the creator is also exactly what stands in the way of the series. Whedon walked away from the project in November 2020 citing burnout, although the prevailing wisdom is that this move was prompted by a host of allegations against him. Known for his work on artists such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Y League of Justice, Whedon is accused of creating abusive workplaces on set and behaving inappropriately by Charisma Carpenter and Ray Fisher, among others.

When Whedon left The Nevers, was replaced as showrunner by Philippa Goslett, although he is still credited as creator and executive producer. To what extent the series can divorce itself from the controversy will likely determine whether or not it maintains the level of success of its premiere. The first episode is a positive sign in that regard, but the real test will be in the next few weeks.

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