Top 10 Spider-Man Games Ever Made

Spider-Man is not only one of the most famous superheroes of all time, but he is also a source of pop culture income that everyone wants a part of. Video games are no exception, and the wall crawler has appeared in so many titles in recent decades that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Naturally, this means that not all games are built equal in terms of quality or presentation.

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However, when Spider-Man shines, players benefit. Throughout the various ages of consoles, a number of successful games have been released that helped define the time period in question. Here are ten of the best Spiderman games ever created. Some have not aged as well as others, but all presented the character in the best light.

10 Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety was a second version of another Marvel comic book story (Sega Genesis / Super Nintendo)

Spider-Man and Venom team up in separation anxiety

Spider-Man and the infamous anti-hero Venom would team up for the second time during the (loose) video game adaptation of the Separation anxiety story. Here, Venom and Spidey must face off against five symbiotes generated by the first to have assumed human hosts linked to the infamous Life Foundation.

Combat and gameplay were a bit faster and more refined than its Maximum Carnage predecessor, and the character animations were much more detailed as well. Unfortunately, many gamers found the game repetitive, with only a few graces to prevent it from receiving low reviews. In the end, he is the “weakest of the strongest” on this list.

9 Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin Amplified Sega Genesis Base Game With Better Content (Sega CD)

Spider-Man battles the Kingpin and a host of supervillains in this classic Sega CD game

The Sega CD was a hit or miss when it came to gaming, but it had some standout gems to show off. One of them was the port of Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin, which originally debuted on the Sega Genesis. The CD version expanded the base game with much more content, including additional missions, encounters, and smoother gameplay, all centered around Spider-Man taking on the infamous Wilson Fisk, the notorious Kingpin of Crime.

The gameplay itself is average by today’s standards, but it was a competent and respectable platformer in its day. The inclusion of fully animated and voice-acted scenes, a hard rock soundtrack composed by Spencer Nilsen and Mr. Big, and a non-linear approach to gameplay were feathers on his cap that deserve recognition.

8 Spider-Man: The Video Game is a classic coin-op (arcade) title

The classic Spider-Man video game, a coin operated arcade title

Sega tried to bring Spider-Man into the realm of arcade machines in 1991 when they released this hit classic. At the time, side-scrolling beat-em-up games were gaining traction in arcades around the world, and Spider-Man: The Video Game helped amplify that madness with excellent gameplay, giant character sprites, and detailed backgrounds.

There is a lot to love about this classic arcade title. Simultaneous four-player gameplay, multiple playstyles, tried and true adherence to the comic book source material, and of course a host of classic Marvel supervillains helped sell the pack. It’s a bit bland by today’s high standards, but it’s still worth a look.

7 Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage was built on the success story of Marvel Comics (Sega Genesis / Super Nintendo)

Spider-Man takes on street thugs in Maximum Carnage

Video game developers began adapting stories from comics in the 1990s, and there were quite a few cute morsels to choose from. Maximum kill It was, at the time, a major Spider-Man story arc in which the web slinger and his nemesis Venom teamed up to defeat the infamous Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage.

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Tons of Marvel characters appeared in the game, from Black Cat, Dagger, and Morbius, to Captain America, Iron Fist, and Demogoblin. While most of the game was standard Final fightstyle fare, there were enough links to comic book history for fans who couldn’t get enough of the symbiote story arc during the 1990s.

6 Spider-Man Unlimited was a unique title based on the Endless Runner formula (Android)

Spider-Man Unlimited, an endless racing game for mobile

There are two sides to this particular Spiderman game: one good and one bad. On the bright side, the game is polished to a shine with beautiful graphics and animations that do justice to the comic’s source material and give fans something to cheer on. The notion of Spidey on mobile isn’t a bad sell, either. Follow the endless runner formula while injecting some depth into the mechanics.

Then there’s the bad, which looms over the game like vultures circling a corpse. The controls were buggy and overly responsive, it had some unfortunate bugs plaguing the game, and it succumbed to the freemium model, which fans didn’t like. However, Unlimited spider-man it was one of the best and most unique games on the list, at least until it was put to pasture in the first quarter of 2019.

5 Spider-Man was one of the first 3D shots of the character (PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PC))

Spider-Man, a 2000 game that brought Spidey to the 3D realm

When Spider-Man began infiltrating the 3D gaming arena, Activision spearheaded the movement with great success. Spider-Man took everything that comic book fans love about the character and applied it to the first and most definitive 3D outing of the wall crawler. Spidey could jump and swing from building to building, taking on baddies from any angle with a variety of melee and cobweb attacks.

Winks to the comic were everywhere, including Stan Lee’s own voice-over narration. Scorpion, Venom, Mysterio and Carnage join in the fun in this lighthearted and comical action-adventure title. It would serve as the basis for subsequent Spider-Man games, most notably the astonishing 2018 entry into the franchise.

4 Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows was a much darker tale than most Spider-Man games (PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, PC)

Spider-Man faces a monstrous super-Venom

This particular Spiderman The title was a much darker version of the original material than other video games that bear the name. It begins on a grim note, with Spider-Man battling a symbiote invasion of Manhattan. From there, the action turns into a story involving the Kingpin, SHIELD, and Tinkerer, with a few surprised faces along the way.

The gameplay of this title is based on previous 3D elements. Spiderman games, particularly the ability to browse the web through town. The combat was much faster, fluid and dynamic, with excellent animations to match. Also, it’s the only game where Spider-Man takes on a monstrous five-headed Venom, which is a bonus.

3 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions introduced multiple versions of Spider-Man to the game (PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, PC)

Spider-Man's various alternate beings take center stage in Shattered Dimensions

Shattered dimensions fight hard for the first place of the best Spiderman game out there, even though it has stiff competition in the form of the game of 2018. Still, what is here is quite amazing and one of the most creative Spiderman titles to date. The player controls not just one Spider-Man, but various iterations throughout the Marvel multiverse.

The game’s tone is bright, colorful, and fun, with lots of laughs along the way. In terms of gameplay, the combat takes a page of shadow net, while implementing more depth through the combo system. The highlight of the game is the ability to play different versions of the wallcrawler, from OG Peter Parker to the Spidey symbiote, Spider-Man Noir, and Spider-Man 2099. That’s a huge draw for comic book fans.

two Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a continuation of the hit game of 2018 (PlayStation 4 and 5)

Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the continuation of the hit PS4 game

Not content to rest on its laurels, Insomniac Games continued its smash hit of 2018 Spiderman I play with a sequel Miles Morales. As the title suggests, this is a game centered around a totally different Spider-Man character who has since become a key figure in the Marvel universe.

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The game builds on everything that made the original so successful, with a few additions such as new gadgets and powers to play with. It didn’t beat the 2018 original in terms of critical praise, but it came close enough that it didn’t matter. Both games are the culminating achievements of the Spider-Man video game crossover genre.

1 Spider-Man represents the best video game adaptation to date (PlayStation 4)

The PS4 Spider-Man game, the best in the franchise so far

Spider-Man entered brave and daring new territory in 2018 when the historic smash hit the PS4. What followed was Spider-Mania, again. Fans couldn’t get enough of this beautiful, detailed, and highly interactive game that stood out above the rest.

In essence, this Spiderman game was the equivalent of Batman Arkham Series of games, which is a great compliment in itself. The presentation is a significant highlight and is married to a smooth and enjoyable combat system. The story is a unique take on the original formula while remaining true to itself, which was a highlight of the game. It’s a shame the title hasn’t been ported to other platforms, but I hope Sony takes a page from Horizon zero dawn and decides to diversify.

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