What happened to JK Simmons’ character Roy in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs provided a satisfying ending for leads Nyles and Sarah, but JK Simmons’ character Roy had a less clear fate with the time cycle.

Sarah and Nyles finally escape Palm springstime loop, but what happened to the other trapped wedding guest, Roy? Palm springs became one of the most famous movies of 2020, featuring a clever twist on the time-looping concept in Groundhog Day (1993). In this cycle of time, multiple people can get stuck, which is what happens to Nyles (Andy Samberg), Sarah (Cristin Milioti) and Roy (JK Simmons) at a wedding in Palm Springs, California.

After Nyles convinces Roy to enter the cave, entering the time cycle with him, Roy spends much of his time reliving the same day with his wife and children at home or getting revenge on Nyles by finding different ways to murder him. Roy continually demands pain from Nyles more as revenge for keeping him away from his royal family than simply for leaving him trapped in the circle. Sarah and Nyles finally find a way out of the cycle of time, but what exactly happened to Roy is never revealed.

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Palm springsThe mid-credits scene shows Roy asking Nyles about Sarah’s plan, and when Nyles doesn’t recognize it, he realizes that it worked. Since Roy knows there is a way out of the time loop, and he demonstrated a clear desire to get out of the time loop, he probably used Sarah’s plan to escape himself. When Roy made the nonchalant comment to Nyles about not wanting the day to end, he meant it to express how much he enjoyed taking a break from his responsibilities in everyday life. As with Nyles and Sarah, the appeal of reliving the same day, even a “perfect” one, eventually wears off.

Sarah and Nyles in Palm Springs

Nyles was high and only when he took Roy to the cave in Palm springsBut it was still extremely selfish of him, as Roy had a lot to look forward to: namely, being able to watch his children grow up and experience aging with his wife. Nyles and Sarah are single and have no children or responsibilities to each other, so being trapped in the cycle of time is not as devastating for them as it is for Roy. Palm springsThe time cycle was important in teaching Sarah and Nyles to acknowledge their own faults and accept their reckless actions, but it also helped Roy learn to be grateful for the little joys in life that involve his family. Because of this, Roy would probably do his best to get back to his family.

Sarah and Nyles escape the time loop at the end of Palm Springs, but this is only after sarah I possibly spent years in the circuit studying quantum mechanics, theorizing that exploding in the time it takes to go through the circuit could stop it. The mid-credits scene indicates that Sarah told Roy about her plan, but she may not have included everything. If Sarah did not inform Roy of the exact procedure for blowing up while traveling between loops, he would have to spend years studying the same theories and reaching the same conclusions. Either way, Roy knows there is a way out of the loop, so it’s fair to assume that he eventually found a way, especially since timing is not an issue. There is no reason why Roy couldn’t have escaped. Palm springs‘time loop and went on to watch her children grow up and experience truly new days.

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