Why did Wakandan want to take Captain America’s shield

One of the Dora Milaje members wanted to take Captain America’s shield in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, probably due to his ties to Wakanda.

A wakandan wanted to take Captain America’s shield in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and here is the reason why the member of Dora Milaje took the shield initially. Captain America’s shield has been a staple of the cloak from almost the beginning. Once Steve Rogers started going into battle, he was equipped with a powerful shield made of the rare metal; vibranium. It wasn’t until later in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the metal’s origin was confirmed to be tied to Wakanda, the home of Black Panther.

Steve Rogers used Captain America’s shield for almost the entirety of his MCU history, but Avengers Endgame saw him pass the symbol to Sam Wilson, aka Falcon. Fans were hoping that Sam would easily step into the mantle and become the new Captain America. However, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier it took history in a different direction. Sam voluntarily handed over the shield only to see the government hand it over to John Walker, the new Captain America. His short time with the shield has been surprising to say the least, as he tried to work with Sam and Bucky Barnes, came across the elite Wakanda female fighters known as Dora Milaje, and most recently killed someone with the shield afterward. of the death of Lemar Hoskins.

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John Walker’s meeting with Dora Milaje was not as expected either. He was demoralized from losing another fight, but this time it wasn’t against a group of super soldiers. At the end of John Walker’s fight with Dora Milaje, he is caught by a spear and disarmed from the shield. One of Wakanda’s warriors, named Yama, raises Captain America’s shield as if to take it away. Although he eventually drops the shield, Yama might have wanted to take the shield to claim a weapon made from Wakanda’s most valuable resource that someone other than his ally is using.

It is important to remember that Steve Rogers and T’Challa developed a friendship or mutual respect at the time. Captain America: Civil War finished. T’Challa demanded that Wakanda dress Steve in new shields once he got there in Avengers: Infinity War. Now that Steve is not using the shield, Falcon turned it down, and John made it clear that he’s not interested in working with the Wakandans, it’s no surprise that they consider taking the shield back. They don’t want any vibranium in the world, especially in a context where it could well be used against them.

Even though Wakandan gave Captain America’s shield back to John Walker, he probably wishes he didn’t. Now that there is blood on the shield (literally), continued use of the vibranium weapon could make Wakanda want to get it back even more. However, once Sam finally gets Captain America’s shield back for good, the people of Wakanda might just accept that he’s in the right hands. But, the Wakandans might still try to take the shield again sooner. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ends.

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