Why The Snyder Cut’s Granny Goodness Looks So Different From The Comics

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has a lot of character changes. And the look of Granny Goodness is so different from the comics that it is remarkable.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League offers a host of changes from the 2017 theatrical version, but one of the most intriguing is the short but remarkable description of Granny Goodness, whose design is quite different from her typical comic book layout. The villain, created by comic book legend Jack Kirby, first appeared in 1971. She is a powerful new god from Darkseid’s Apokolips, where he commands and trains soldiers for him (while using brainwashing and torture to do so) and leads the female fighter. group known as the Female Furies. Being the sinister person that she is, her name is quite ironic, as there is nothing “good” about her.

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She is pure evil, manipulative, and sadistic, to the point that she even runs the orphanages of Apokolips while searching for children who will end up serving Darkseid as well. In the comics, she is depicted with flowing white hair, almost looking like a Medusa. He usually sports a suit that is black or a darker shade of blue, accompanied by what looks like some kind of scaly gold armor. He usually wears a flowing red cape as well, and in addition to other high-tech weapons, he often wields his Mega-Rod, with which he can destroy any of his unfortunate foes. But his possibly most heartbreaking feature in the comics is his insidious and ubiquitous facial expressions. Not only does she always look austere and commanding, but that same malevolence also shines through and transcends the pages.

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When Granny Goodness was teased ahead of the Snyder Cut release, the buzz regarding her totally contrasting new look quickly spread. Concept art and her eventual brief appearance in the film show her in intricate dark black silver armor and a dark cape. His claw-shaped nails are encased in bulky armor gloves, and his Mega-Rod has expanded to more of a battle staff. Also, his loose, almost unruly hair is much shorter, and while he certainly doesn’t look happy or pleasant, his aura is more calmly menacing (and that’s not just because he doesn’t say any lines). As with many characters, stories, and aesthetic choices within 4 hours League of Justice Director’s cut, Granny Goodness has a makeover that offers a new twist on her long-standing character.

As for the reasons for the villain’s new look, it’s easy to see why her latest version fits perfectly into a Zack Snyder movie. A more literal interpretation of Granny Goodness’s comic book appearance wouldn’t fit the tone of Snyder Cut, but this adaptation clearly draws inspiration from some of the character’s popular comic traits. Snyder doesn’t just do his part League of Justice profoundly and ostensibly different from the 2017 version, but also, in Granny’s case, from the confines of past canonical representation. Create a 4-hour epic that is clearly inspired by the DC universe, but also stands out as a work of art in many ways.

The Snyder Cut throws a few new faces into the mix: Granny Goodness, Martian Manhunter, and Vulko, to name a few. And it’s an interesting and positive option to include Apokolips’ anti-grandmother, especially with her different appearance. It is also a funny Easter egg, which, as usual in the course with Zack Snyder’s Justice League – has generated a lot of rumors and discussions.

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