X-Men: Marauders brings mutant friendship from Marvel movie to comics

In Marauders, two opposing X-Men have formed a tag team that brings a fundamental friendship from the Marvel movie to the Marvel Universe comic.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marauders # 19 by Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli, Edgar Delgado, and VC’s Cory Petit, on sale now.

The Marvel Universe has never been afraid to incorporate elements of other media into the comic book core universe, especially ideas from major Marvel movies. Now, it seems like the X-Men are recreating an element that was introduced in the early X-Men movies and making it part of the heart of Marauders.

On Marauders # 19, Iceman and Pyro just solidified how strong their teamwork has become, with the mutants recreating a friendship that only flourished on the big screen in the X Men movie series in the Marvel Universe.

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In the past, Iceman and Pyro fought each other: the former was a founding member of the X-Men, while the latter operated as a dangerous member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. However, Iceman and Pyro have been increasingly working together in the modern era of mutant heroes, and they both served as members of Kate Pryde’s team of Marauders. The two have also developed a kind of friendship during this time, and the two have even revealed that they have nicknamed themselves “The Two” in Marauders # 19, with the pair combining their powers and working in sync to create a massive Pyrotechnic ice sculpture that effectively distracts human crews guarding Marauders and allows Kate Pryde to sneak onto a nearby island by swimming through the sewers.

Although the original Iceman and Pyro didn’t have a very close relationship in the comics, the two have had a surprisingly deep connection through other means. In the fox X Men In the movies, Iceman, played by Sean Ashmore, was portrayed as the best friend of his fellow student, Pyro. This became an important element of X2: X-Men United, with their friendship put to the test by their desperate attempts to stay ahead of the soldiers working under William Stryker. While Iceman remained a heroic member of the team, Pyro was seduced by Magneto’s conversations about mutant superiority, eventually leaving with him and becoming a prominent member of the Brotherhood in X-Men: The Final Decision. During the film’s final battle, the pair even came to blows in an intense duel.

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Meanwhile, Iceman Earth-616 had a more romantic connection to a Pyro, though not the one currently working with him on the Marauders. On X-Men: gold, Iceman worked with Simon Lasker, a new mutant who took up Pyro’s mantle during the time before the Five resurrected the original. The two even ended up having a romantic relationship during Rogue and Gambit’s wedding, spending the night together. Since then, Simon has become an advocate for Krakoa, while Iceman has started a relationship with Emma Frost’s brother Christian. But it’s exciting to see Iceman and the original Pyro working together as they bring out good sides of each other.

As they prepare to distract the entire Madripoor Bay with their show, Iceman notes that he used to have to work to control his powers and control them, unless he risks hurting someone. But since adopting his role as an Omega-level mutant and working with Krakoa, Iceman has become increasingly confident in his potential. Meanwhile, Pyro looks back on his wildest youth with some regret and notes that working with Iceman and the Marauders is a way to make up for the mistakes he made in the past. Former enemies have settled into the kind of easy friendship other incarnations of the characters have had, and they can combine their powers to form a genuinely powerful distraction to prove it.

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