X-Men: the new Wolverine proved he’s as tough as Logan

After an encounter with the Sons of the Vault, Laura Kinney proved that her abilities live up to the Wolverine moniker.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X Men # 19 by Jonathan Hickman, Mahmud Asrar, Sunny Gho and Clayton Cowles from VC, on sale now.

When an old enemy of the X-Men resurfaced in X Men # 5, the Silent Council decided to send a special team of mutants to investigate the Children of the Vault in their own territory. The Children of the Vault live in a specialized facility that speeds time to the speed of the evolution of the humans contained within. The team that infiltrated the Vault was handpicked for their powers, the team most likely to survive the unknown world they were plunging into.

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Wolverine, also known as X-23 or Laura Kinney, teamed up with Darwin and Synch to discover the truth behind the Children. Darwin’s powers help him evolve to use a power that will keep him alive during any scenario he encounters. Synch can “sync” abilities with mutants near him in order to utilize Darwin’s power or Wolverine’s healing factor. In this mission, Laura proved that her powers are on par with the original Wolverine in X Men # 19.

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X-Men Vault Team 1

Logan’s extreme healing abilities have been one of the things that make him so fearsome. It can get hit, shot, burned, or anything else thrown at it, but it still keeps attacking its enemy. The reason he was chosen for the Weapon X program was because he could heal everything from the product to adamantium to his bones. Many other mutants possess healing abilities, to one degree or another, but Logan is the stuff of legend.

In 2020, X-Force Issue 13 showed that Logan’s healing could literally bring him back from hell. The Issue, from Benjamin Percy, Viktor Bogdanovic and Matthew Wilson, showed Logan venturing into the underworld in search of an infamous sword. Falling into a pool of fiery lava, Logan emerged from it like a glowing metal skeleton. After a moment, his body began to grow until he made a full recovery. Within the duration of one conversation, he was able to get up, walk, and it wasn’t long before he was able to fight again.

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The last issue of X Men encountered the recon team in an explosive encounter with the Sons of the Vault. One of the highly evolved humans, Spire, launched a massive force field that killed her in the process. All the buildings around him turned to dust. Darwin’s powers kicked in to save himself. X-23 and Synch held hands and were essentially vaporized down to their skeletons. After a moment, Wolverine’s healing powers returned her to normal, replicating Logan’s resurgence. Furthermore, Synch mimicked his powers and healed at the same rate, reinforcing his healing power.

Both known sons of Logan, Wolverine and Daken, inherited their father’s heightened senses, retractable claws, and questionable social skills. Even Gabby, Laura’s clone, received many of Logan’s traits. However, it is now obvious that Laura also got her extreme healing factor, making her title of “Wolverine” well deserved.

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