Zombie Army 4: Dead War is an action horror treat from Grindhouse

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a stylish shooter game that offers great gameplay with a grindhouse aesthetic in an alternative historical horror package.

One of the best aspects of modern video games is how gamers can enjoy video games as a hobby. Many players enjoy the most innovative graphics and visuals, while others can choose the art style and design over any other facet. However, for many gamers, if a video game is fun to play, nothing else matters.

Despite being a sequel and possibly having the most generic title of all time, Zombie Army 4: Dead War it’s just that. Zombie Army 4 is a game that uses humor, strict gameplay, and a great deal of flair to deliver a game that is not only criminally overlooked, but an absolute delight for fans of tongue-in-cheek action-horror adventures.

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Released last year as a sequel to developer Rebellion’s 2015 release of Zombie Army Trilogy, Zombie Army 4: Dead War it’s a marked change for the series. Rebellion aimed to offer a continuation of the WWII alternate history featured in the original. Zombie Army Standalone DLCs, but this time on a much bigger and more polished budget.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War takes its diverse cast of characters deeper into the Dead War, a conflict sparked by Hitler executing “Plan-Z,” a last-ditch effort to resurrect German soldiers killed as zombies to snatch victory from the hands of defeat. The undead invade the world, and it’s up to the Resistance to take down the army of hidden powers. Zombie Army 4: Dead War It features a narrative that is pure B-movie horror nonsense, and capitalizes on this aspect in a few different ways.

In fact, one of the main ways that Zombie Army 4 comes together is the way it is presented. Zombie Army 4 he understands that it is ridiculous, and instead of taking a serious tone, he leans towards the absurd. With its campaign and accompanying standalone horde missions, the entire game is presented to players as a grindhouse-style cinematic experience. The scenes feature a myriad of movies, each mission has its own fantastically made tattered movie poster and the narrative completely derails into the hidden world in the best way.

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War it’s equal parts Wolfensteinalternative history future technology and Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty exciting stir all wrapped up in one. In its center, Zombie Army 4 still keep the Elite sniper the series’ familiar gameplay, with each character able to equip a sniper rifle, a handgun, and a secondary weapon such as a shotgun or submachine gun. While the objectives of each mission are a pretty standard affair, like resetting the generators and collecting items, the real appeal of the game is the exploding zombie heads with the signature. Elite sniper X-ray camera showing the destruction a sniper rifle can cause in all its devastating glory.

Zombie Army 4The most common enemies are the slow creeping variety, but the game throws them at the player by the hundreds. As the campaign progresses, Zombie Army 4 features TNT-powered sprinters called Suiciders, giant elites wielding powerful weapons, zombified tanks, and even Nazi official zombies who can resurrect fallen foes with hidden powers. The game alone is exciting, with threats often coming from all angles and players constantly scrambling to get a moment’s respite to reload or line up a headshot.

Married to the fun game is Zombie Army 4also complete dedication to his cheesy horror aesthetic. Players can complete special challenges to turn their fairly conventional firearms into supercharged killing machines that spew flames and electricity. Plus, each massive level is packed with horror movie Easter eggs and nods to horror fans. Some may be riddles involving creepy demon-possessed dolls and typewriters that can be interacted with to produce ghostly lines from classic horror movies like “All Work, No Play” from The glow. Another example is the Elite zombie wielding a huge circular saw, spinning and swinging like the iconic Leatherface slasher did at the end of the original. The massacre in Texas.

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War It might have double the bar of being another Nazi zombie game with a generic title, but for horror fans and those who enjoy a great lighthearted gaming experience, it’s an amazing game worth checking out. Leaning on its goofy setup and combining great aesthetics with fun gameplay, Zombie Army 4 brilliantly manages to create a unique experience that stands out on its own.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is available this month to all PlayStation Plus subscribers at no additional charge, and it also just received a next-gen update for new consoles, providing even more reason for horror fans to check out this stylish and exciting title from horror action.

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