10 DC superheroes who would be great Sith

Being a Sith doesn’t necessarily mean one is evil, although it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a dark side. Being in contact with the dark side is actually part of what makes someone a Sith. Having an absolute dedication to that dark side can come in many ways. So many Sith in the Star Wars universe ended up being Sith because they were overcome by intense emotions.

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In fact, the Sith of Star Wars They are not the only ones who have been overwhelmed by intense emotions in their lives. There are actually quite a few DC Comics characters that would fit the bill perfectly to become Sith. When it comes down to it, several DC superheroes would be great Sith.

10 Aquaman has immense power and wants to defend the planet

Cover image of Aquaman The Trench

Aquaman, or Arthur Curry, may be one of the founding members of the Justice League, but he has his priorities when it comes to keeping the planet safe. The planet encompasses many places, but Aquaman’s territory is the ocean. Every drop of water on Earth is under Aquaman’s jurisdiction, and he sees it constantly threatened.

People often underestimate both Aquaman’s powers and his anger at what the surface world does to the oceans and his kingdom of Atlantis. If the planet were in danger, Aquaman could easily be pushed to the point of becoming a Sith to protect it, no matter the cost.

9 Batman will always do whatever it takes

Bruce Wayne from Batman V Superman BVS Dawn of Justice

There are many reasons why Bruce Wayne helps found the Justice League, but most of all, Batman just knows what to do. Batman is a hero, there is a group of heroes that form a team; Batman must be part of that team.

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The same is always true for Batman; he will always do whatever it takes, often regardless of the cost to him as a person. When it comes down to it, Batman will always do whatever it takes. If he needed to become a Sith and contact the Dark Side to do something, Batman would do it, no questions asked.

8 The flash could easily be overcome by emotions

Not every member of the Justice League is an infallible god or a distant billionaire who seems completely unapproachable. Some members of the team are normal people with superpowers, like Barry Allen and Wally West. Wally, like his Uncle Barry, is funny and humorous in his sarcastic jokes, but he has an edge his uncle never had.

Becoming the Flash so young and gaining superpowers at that age ruined Wally a bit and as such he’s a bit more impulsive, a bit quicker to get angry, and more wrapped up in his emotions than the original Flash. Wally is an incredible hero, but his rage could consume him, leading to him falling to the Dark Side and eventually becoming a Sith.

7 Green Arrow would walk backward into his exhilarating old life

Green Arrow cover of him shooting an arrow.

Before Oliver Queen became Green Arrow, he was the perfect prey of the Dark Side. He was the kind of man Bruce Wayne pretends to be: a rich guy, spoiled since childhood, determined to put his life in danger in frivolous ways because life means practically nothing to him. However, his traumatic experiences and his time as the Green Arrow changed Oliver in many ways.

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However, this does not mean that you have necessarily changed as a person. Now he makes better decisions, but inside, Oliver is still the spoiled child he used to be and who is looking for strong emotions. Oliver is susceptible to becoming a Sith and could still turn to the dark side.

6 Green Lantern is not always a shining symbol of heroism

Green Lantern Hal Jordan New Frontier Cooke

While Hal Jordan may have been chosen to become the Green Lantern, the abilities and powers he gains, as a result, are shocking to a human. Green Lantern can put aside strong emotions when necessary and force himself through any scenario. However, at a certain point, anyone can break.

Hal Jordan hasn’t always been the great hero that Green Lantern appears to be, and he could easily fall if the dark side began to creep into his mind. If he stopped being the Green Lantern, he would become even more vulnerable, and the dark side could quickly claim him for the Sith cause.

5 Huntress is known to dive into the dark side

Helena Bertinelli as Batgirl

Just because a character is a superhero in DC Comics doesn’t necessarily mean that they do strictly heroic things. Many DC superheroes are antiheroes in some way, and the Huntress, or Helena Bertinelli, is no different. He was born into Gotham’s Bertinelli crime family and became something of a vigilante later in life.

The Huntress used many abilities, some more violent and intense than others, to seek revenge against those who killed the Bertinellis when she was young. While the Huntress may be a hero, she could succumb to the dark side and its strong emotions in an instant.

4 Martian Manhunter is above human problems most days

Martian Manhunter in Zack Snyder's Justice League

More than a few aliens make up DC’s superhero landscape. In addition to the obvious, like Superman, there are aliens like the Martian Manhunter fighting for good on the pages of DC comics. However, the Martian Manhunter doesn’t always care about human affairs.

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J’onn J’onzz can view Earth as home, much like Clark Kent, but he still has a slight sense of detachment from the humans around him. In the Star Wars universe, this weakness could be exploited, and the Martian Manhunter could become the Sith side. However, once there, you can likely thrive.

3 Renee Montoya is willing to compromise as needed

Renee Montoya Detective Comics

Like the rest of Gotham’s superheroes, Renee Montoya is not a great superhero. She doesn’t really have super powers, but then again, neither do famous Gotham superheroes like Batman. Instead, Renee Montoya has to rely solely on the strength of her will and determination.

While she is usually successful, she is still human and Renee has failed multiple times. Renee is willing to compromise when she has to: the fact that she is a cop is indicative of that, as well as the fact that she becomes a vigilante. outside of his police work, too. Batman can trust Renee Montoya, but, if need be, his strongest emotions could be exploited for the Sith cause.

two Robin would do whatever calls he had to make

Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne as Batman and Robin

Honestly, any of the Robins could be a valuable Sith. Dick Grayson has the cunning; Tim Drake has the intelligence; Jason Todd’s Sith traits are overly obvious. However, of all the Robins, the one who would perhaps be the best Sith of all is Bruce Wayne’s own biological son, Damian Wayne.

Damian, son of Bruce and Talia al Ghul, was raised by the League of Assassins alongside his mother and grandfather before he was brought to Bruce. There, he joined forces with his father Bruce to become Robin, but the ruthless Damian has never been able to shake off his violent upbringing. While Damian has come a long way, he could still be a great Sith, and chances are he will have a great time doing it, as long as no animals are harmed in the process.

1 Wonder Woman is as practical as she is powerful

Wonder Woman running away from the White House

Of all the DC superheroes, Wonder Woman is perhaps the most practical. Not only is she royalty among the Amazons, but Diana Prince is literally a god, sometimes sculpted from clay, sometimes the literal biological daughter of Zeus. She has been here before the modern world, and will probably be here long after.

Wonder Woman is a practical and powerful figure and if being a Sith was the best option she is presented with, she would choose her. I would have to present it to him in an indisputable way, in a universe that has essentially collapsed, but the Star Wars The universe has taken similar people to such extreme measures, and Wonder Woman would probably be no exception.

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