10 heroes who could appear in a Justice League sequel

While a Justice League sequel seems a long way off at the moment, there are some great characters from the DC comics that could make an appearance.

Many fans were satisfied with Zack Snyder’s Justice League and they are asking for more. Recently the hashtag #restorethesnyderverse reached 1 million mentions on Twitter. As of now, DC has no plans for a Justice League sequel, but never say never. As seen earlier with the release of the Snyder cut, anything is possible.

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There is also the possibility We got to see a Justice League movie that is not a direct sequel to Snyder’s. Fans have been sharing on Twitter who they’d like to see appear in a Justice League sequel. From Green Lantern to Shazam, the possibilities they are infinite.

10 Snyder has shown interest in John Stewart

John Stewart Green Lantern with tanks as constructions.

Zack Snyder recently shared that he had originally planned to include Green Lantern John Stewart in the Justice League, but had to remove him. This gave fans hope that they could possibly see the hero appear in a sequel. This seems likely given the popularity of the Green Lanterns and the demand for them in the DCEU. Also, if John Stewart is already elected, this makes this even more likely.

9 Hawkman is about to debut in the DCEU

DC Hawkman

Fans of the next DC movie Black adam You will know that Aldis Hodge has been cast in the role of Hawkman. He is scheduled to debut in the DCEU in 2022, and afterward, it is possible that he will appear in future DC projects. Hawkman has been a member of the Justice League in the comics before and has appeared in Justice League: Unlimited Y Justice League: Action, so he is no stranger to the team.

8 Shazam! Could easily join the team

Billy Batson debuted in the DCEU in 2019 and was a hit with critics and fans alike. We will see his return in 2022 for the sequel Shazam: Fury of the Gods. This may not be the only time we see Shazam return to the big screen. Many people have been speculating if Shazam could join the Justice League in the future, and there is a good chance if a sequel is developed, this prominent The DC hero could join the team.

7 Zatanna will debut in the next few years

It was recently announced that the magical Zatanna will receive her own solo film written by Promising young woman former student Emerald Fennell. Between Zatanna’s debut, a Justice League Dark HBO Max series, and a Black Adam movie, it’s clear that magic plays a huge role in the future of the DCEU. It is more than likely that we can see the wizard join forces with the Justice League to end a mutual threat.

6 Blue Beetle is getting a solo movie that could tie him into the league

Another recently announced DC movie was Blue beetle to be directed by Angel Manuel Soto. The film will follow the third Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes. Not much is known about the movie at this point, but what is known is that Blue Beetle is a very capable superhero and would be a valuable Besides the team.

5 Supergirl joins the Flash movie

The flash Director Andy Muschietti recently revealed to the world that Sasha Calle will be the next Supergirl. She is ready to appear in The flash and there is even talk of a solo movie in the works.

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Fans are curious if Kara will meet her cousin Kal (Henry Cavill) and if she will join him by his side in the Justice League. Some speculate that she will take her place on the team and as the main Kryptonian of the DCEU.

4 Harley Quinn could be a future ally

While it’s unlikely we’ll see Harley Quinn join the league given her Super villain status, that doesn’t mean he won’t appear as a potential ally in a sequel. During the nightmare sequence at the end of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Batman mentions Harley Quinn. Most likely, she was on his team along with Mera, Cyborg, Flash, and Deathstroke, but died at some point before the nightmare sequence was seen by the audience. If a sequel to Snyder’s movie was made, fans can see Crime Cupid appear in another post-apocalyptic sequence.

3 Black Canary could join forces with the League


Black Canary made her big-screen debut back in 2020 in Birds of Prey and made a huge impact with fans. Since the announcement of HBO Max shows set in the DCEU, fans have been asking for a Black Canary TV show with the #blackcanaryhboseries. Jurnee Smollett herself has expressed interest in returning as Dinah in future projects, and in an interview with the Justice League cast, Ben Affleck said he would like to see Black Canary join the team in the future. It is highly likely audiences will see the deadly songbird return to the big screen if a Justice League sequel was made.

2 Martian Manhunter Has A Seat At The Table

Martian Manhunter in Zack Snyder's Justice League

Although the public already saw Martian Manhunter in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it was only for a few scenes. Many fans want to see the alien return as a full-time member in the sequel.

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Martian Manhunter was a long-awaited character, but he was cut from the theatrical League of Justice movie. Fans had to wait four years to finally see him on screen, and they are eager to see him again in a bigger role.

1 The atom is ready to adapt

Ryan Choi in Zack Snyder's Justice League

The atom is another character who received the same fate as Martian Manhunter. Although this time the audience would only see his civil counterpart Ryan Choi. They were clearly grooming him to return as their hero alter ego in a sequel to the Snyder movie. Hopefully this is not the last seen from the Atom and that he rejoins the league in the future.

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