10 Star Wars villains that would thrive in the MCU

Both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars universe has been known for creating some amazing characters over the years, be they supporting characters, heroes, and perhaps most importantly, villains. The villains, however, have come under some criticism from fans for being overly formulated without good motivation.

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This is the case for some, but others like Thanos and Loki have shown how to build antagonists properly. Star Wars, Over the years, he’s also had some pretty good villains who would probably suit the MCU incredibly well and could even be a better opposition to the MCU heroes.

10 Boba Fett would be the perfect bounty hunting villain

Boba Fett from Star Wars

Captain America: The Winter Soldier It is considered one of the best Marvel movies of the entire Infinity saga. The film broke with Marvel’s tone and history and focused on producing a spy thriller that featured some of the best melee combat scenes of all time.

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The main villain, of course, was Winter Soldier, who has become a fan-favorite antihero of the franchise, and like him, Boba Fett is also a skilled fighter and assassin who would suit the MCU. You seem like the perfect person for a movie like Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Black widow where the hero has to locate and stop the smart and attractive assassin.

9 General Grievous would be a tough match for any Marvel hero

The MCU is no stranger to having incredibly smart machines running around fighting the Avengers, like with Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so it would make perfect sense for a villain like General Grievous to show up. While he doesn’t have internet access like Ultron, Grievous is arguably the better fighter between the two and it would be difficult for any Marvel hero to defeat him.

He also fits the profile of a villain created directly or indirectly by Tony Stark, as is the case with many of the MCU villains such as Ultron, Mysterio, Vulture, and maybe even Taskmaster according to some rumors.

8 Kylo Ren continues the MCU’s anti-hero storyline

Kylo ren

Some of the best villains created in the MCU have been the complicated ones who turn evil over time or become a better person over time. The latter has been used multiple times in the MCU with characters like Winter Soldier and Loki, proving that these likable villains-turned-heroes are some of the most popular antagonists in the franchise.

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Kylo Ren follows that exact path as he overcomes his internal issues with his father and his manipulative superiors to become the hero who was deep within him the entire time. He also possesses incredible lightsaber combat skills and raw Force ability that would make him a force to be reckoned with.

7 Darth Maul is the cool, collected, laid-back villain every franchise needs

While Darth Maul didn’t have the complicated backstory like some other villains, or any real depth beyond his combat scenes, he still managed to make every scene he was in more entertaining. Sometimes you don’t need a complicated villain with a story behind it, but a cold-blooded, ruthless villain who wants nothing more than revenge.

Maul is the epitome of this type of villain and would definitely add some fun and tense fight scenes to whatever movie or TV show he’s added to. He would also be the perfect villain to work alongside a greater threat like Dr. Doom or Thanos and act as the fighter for them.

6 Stormtroopers could act as the cliché of the army that fills space

Star Wars Finn Stormtrooper

Another criticism of most superhero movies is the common use of a faceless army of robots or aliens or whatever is placed in the movie to make the final battle scene even bigger. If overused it can be frustrating, but in large-scale events like Avengers Endgame, it takes faceless armies to make the fight seem as epic as it really is.

Star WarsThe faceless villains are the Stormtroopers, who at some point are also a bit more developed than, say, Marvel’s Chitauri. Stormtroopers, while not the big bad fans you might think, would still make a nice addition to a large-scale Marvel movie.

5 General Hux would give the best MCU speeches

General Hux is the man in charge of the First Order army, who, like his predecessor, is so callous that in ordering the destruction of planets that would kill millions of beings, he never seems to hesitate. He too, as any good villain should, gives some of the best evil speeches ever seen on the big screen.

They both check the boxes for a Marvel villain. But unlike alien threats like Thanos or Loki, Hux would be perfect as the ground leader of an evil organization like HYDRA. In a role similar to Thunderbolt Ross or Alexander Pierce, Hux could be great.

4 Grand Admiral Thrawn would also thrive in the MCU

Grand Admiral Thrawn

As Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy, the iconic blue-faced villain, Grand Admiral Thrawn is another incredibly clever and evil card of the Star Wars universe. As one of the smartest villains in his franchise, Thrawn doesn’t need the physical prowess of people like Thanos, or the special powers of people like Loki, instead his brain makes him a formidable opponent for any Marvel hero.

Just as Baron Zemo used his mastermind abilities to single-handedly destroy the Avengers, Thrawn is capable of plotting something as shocking as this on the Marvel heroes and thus would be a great force in the universe.

3 Jabba the Hutt would be a unique but cool villain

Jabba the cabin from Clone Wars

Jabba the Hutt is not your typical villain. He has no power and is not really a physical threat to many, but he is still a ruthless crime lord and gangster with one of the largest crime empires in the galaxy far away.

Jabba may not be the main villain in a Marvel movie, but he could be one of the secondary villains buying weapons or hiring other villains to do his dirty work for him. In fact, Jabba the Hutt seems like the perfect character to appear in a Guardians of the Galaxy movie as one of the greatest galactic crime lords.

two Darth Vader is the embodiment of pure evil and would be awesome in the MCU

Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back

The unforgettable villain has an undeniably terrifying presence with unforgettable themed tunes, like “Binary Sunset” and “Duel of the Fates,” and he would be a very welcome villain in the MCU.

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Not only is he terrifying and brutal, but Vader also had an extremely complicated origin story in which he turned to the dark side and has one of the best redemption arcs in cinema as a whole. The ‘I Am Your Father’ scene is one of the most well-known scenes of all time and it’s the perfect proof of why Darth Vader would be awesome in the MCU too.

1 Darth Sidious would be the big bad guy in the franchise

The ultimate villain who orchestrates the strings behind the scenes, Darth Sidious would be perfect as the next big bad for the MCU. Thanos was the perfect example of this type of villain who would stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Like Thanos, Darth Sidious has a history of using villains to do his dirty work as part of his master plan.

Sidious is also incredibly powerful, especially with his force beam, and extremely intelligent, which is the perfect match for an entire franchise’s great evil as it was for him. Star Wars, and it could also be for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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